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Susanna Liu

I've been using RVPs services for over two years now, almost daily and I can tell you that you're not going to find a more accurate psychic reader anywhere else. He is simply the best.

Karen Landcaster

Demetri is sometimes scary with how accurate he can predict things. Literally every reading now has manifested and I feel blessed to have come across such an angel. This is life changing.

Andy Bradshaw

You have been right with every detail when it comes to this pandemic. Thank you for saving my life, what you said happened down to every detail and I honestly owe you my life.


No matter your situation, no matter your religion and no matter what period, I am always accepting new clients. Know your future today. With me you're always welcome.


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I have the vision you need.

RVP Platform

Bringing quality expert psychic readings for more than 30 years. Known for honestly, loyalty, truth and kindness.

All sessions are completed within 24/48 hours of the time they are secured. No matter what I'm here for you.

Always accepting new clients. Unbiased and confidential readings are provided on a day to day basis. You are safe in knowing you'll receive a detailed report each and every single time.

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