RVP Affiliate Instructions

1.  Login to your affiliate panel.


Click on the 'Sign-In' option at the bottom of the page. See screenshot:

2.  Next you will need to setup your payout method in order to receive your commissions. Affiliates who do not have their payout method setup will not get paid. This is an important step. To do this, after you are logged in go to the bottom left of your screen, click on the icon and you will see the payout method option. Click on it and enter your PayPal address or bank account information then click save. You are now setup to receive payments.

3.  Now that you are setup to receive your commissions it's time to start promoting your affiliate links, otherwise known as assets. Click on the assets option on the left of the screen. (See screenshot). This will take you to some pre-made banners, custom links to different parts of the website and it will provide you with an easier way to make money. Share your assets everywhere you can. You will earn 8% commission on every sale you bring in through your links for life! A huge income possibility! 

4.  You can track your clicks, impressions and conversions from your very own dashboard as seen in the image. Start building your RVP business today!

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