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Forum Rules:

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  • Posts Must Be Group Related

  • No Illegal activity (guns, drugs, pornography of any kind, violence, illegal sales or trades etc).

  • No Racism or Hate Speech

  • No plagiarism. Proper credit must be given to the original content creator.

  • RVP is not responsible for items bought, sold or traded in groups. Buy, sell and trade at your own risk.

  • RVP advises against the use of Western Union in any group.

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  • Report members who you feel are violating these rules.

  • The RVP Forum will always be a free public forum and therefore will never ask for a forum payment. If you are being asked for a payment it is a scam. Please report it.

  • If you feel you are in danger, always call 911.

  • No advice in the RVP Forum can replace professional medical, financial, legal, mental or therapeutic advice and should not be taken as so.

  • RVP advises against sending personal information to those you don't know.

  • We are not to be held accountable for your actions as a result of using the RVP Forum.

  • RVP does not tolerate scams of any kind. Please report them immediately so we can take action.

  • Know that all Forum groups are actively monitored.

  • Once an account is deleted, banned or suspended there is no recovering it.

  • Nudity, blood, bodily fluids, graphic images and violence are not welcomed and are subject to removal without your prior notice. We strive to be a family friendly environment.

  • New RVP Forum members are limited to 5 new posts per day in their first week.

RVP has a strict no spam policy. Any member seen spamming the platform, or breaking any of the platform rules given above will be immediately banned, no notice given. I have the right to delete any account without reason or notice given. By using this platform, you fully agree to this policy.


All users MUST be over the age of eighteen. No exceptions whatsoever.

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