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Nov 2

Is this strange Anomaly in Tunapuna near Trinidad a Portal?


I was scrolling through my messages this morning when I got into the office, and a client had sent me this video that she had found on YouTube. After watching it, I have to say I've truly never seen anything like it.


People will say it's just the way the light is coming though the clouds, yet that is not the case. People will say that it's lenticular clouds - and again that has been debunked by scientists. If you look in the circle, it's like a landscape, completely unlike it's surroundings and this has led people to think that perhaps it is an actual portal that has been opened up in the sky near Trinidad. The video is below, what do you make of it?



Leave your opinion in the comments, and share this weird video with your friends, maybe the will have an idea as to what it is.

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