I understand that using a new platform can be a scary experience. I want to assure you I have made every effort in making my platform an easy, fun and exciting experience for you every time.

Here are the basic instructions for making the most of my new exciting website!​

How to get a reading:

To secure a psychic reading with me, visit the psychic readings page (click here) and select the reading of your choice. I offer one question, three question and ten question psychic readings of every kind. 

So once you have added your reading to your cart, you can safely complete your purchase, after which you will be directed to your receipt page on my platform. On this page, you will be able to fill out your name, your email address, and your questions, including any additional information you wish to let me know. After you have completed your requirements, select the 'Submit Requirements' option. 

I complete sessions in the order they come in. So keep an eye out on your email, because that is where your completed detailed reading will be delivered.​

How to get an energy cleanse:

To secure your powerful energy cleanse, visit the energy cleanse section on my platform (click here). Then add the energy cleanse to your cart. After your successful purchase, you will be directed to your receipt page, where you will have the option to enter your name, your email address and any details you wish to inform me of before the cleanse. 

I take sessions in the order they come in, so keep an eye out on your email after that, because that is where your confirmation will be sent to.​

How to become a site member:

Becoming a site member will allow you to track your psychic readings and sessions, have access to your own profile, blog comments, blog likes and the ability to follow other site members. Visit the Members page and sign up. It is very simple.

How to leave a review:

To leave a review for your services, please visit the client review page on my platform (click here). You will see the option to leave your review. Click on the red lettering. You will see the option to leave your name, email address, and your review. I appreciate all client feedback, but is it not mandatory.

If you wish to edit your review, no problem at all! Simply send me a message via the Contact page, and I will be happy to assist you!

Live Chat Advisor Instructions:

After you have been approved to be an advisor (click here to apply), you will then receive an email with your login credentials. Visit rawveganpsychic.com/chat and click login. Once you are logged in you will be able to switch your status from offline, to online or busy. You can request a payout after your account hits the balance of $20 or more. You will earn 65% commissions on your chat sessions. Make sure to fill out your payout information to receive commissions. Must be 18 or older.

If you have further questions about my platform, please use the Contact page.