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Are you a writer who creates platform related content such as psychics, spirits, past lifetimes and other metaphysical subjects? Have your content published directly here on the RVP Platform!


Get your content out there by having your unique platform related article published directly.


We are constantly looking for unique and interesting content. Tell your story worldwide.


You're a talented content creator. You deserve to be seen by more eyes. All articles are permanent.


There are billions of people on Earth. Your articles can help save lives. Share it with the world to learn from.

Are you a writer?

Do you create content related to psychic phenomena, clairvoyance, past lifetimes, government secrets, angels, demons, spirits or anything else metaphysical? Great!

You can now submit your articles to the RVP Platform to have them published publicly to our audience. All submitted articles need to first be approved and an author image needs to be supplied. After approval your article will then be forwarded to the editorial team and be published to our articles along with your name and a link back to any further work of yours. One article per submission allowed.

Our platform is in almost every language and submitted articles can be in any language as well. Depending on the language, it will be posted in the relevant language version of our platform. You will be supplied a link to your article once it is finished being published.

Interested?! Fill out the form below and submit your order. You will be notified when your article is either rejected/refunded or accepted/published.

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Submission Form

One article submission per order.

$25 Fee Applies.



Article Submitted Successfully.

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