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A scary true story..

One of the many questions that I get asked from my clients many times a week, is what's one of the scariest things I have ever been through in my career as a psychic therapist. This is a tough question, as I have been through many scary things, however a few stand out as ones that I would rank the scariest. So, in this blog post, I am going to be letting you guys know one of the all time scariest situations I have been in.

It was just last year, 2017, and I had gotten myself wrapped up in a pretty messy situation with a client. I know that when connecting to other people's energies there are always chances of dark or evil energy following me back. This is something I usually prepare myself for. Before each session I burn white sage, and clear out residual energies.

With this specific client, let's call her 'Dawn', things were different. I had always felt a really negative entity around her, and had told her about it many times. She didn't believe that evil entities were real. She believed in thoughts, actions and energy...but real living entities was just something she wasn't willing to believe in. That in no way meant that it didn't believe in her.

After a session one night, something just didn't feel right. I left the office early that day. My neck was killing me, like something was sitting on it. I even told my husband that I feel something came through that energy with me. We saged the house and sort of left it at that for the night.

I woke up at 3:33am that morning and immediately saw a hideous face grimacing at me from over my husbands body in bed. This scared me - I had never witnessed something like that before. It had vanished within seconds, leaving me there just wondering what exactly it was I saw. From then on, night after night, I would wake up at that exact time, seeing the same faces in the dark room around me. Things would move, pots would fall off the counter. Just really dark thick energies - enough to make me cough practically. It got so bad that I would have panic attacks, these entities were getting much stronger. One night I saw her in the mirror. The picture in this blog post is almost exactly what she looked like, and even though I do know her name, I am not going to mention it here for your own safety.

I immediately had to do a deep cleanse of the whole house, my partner, my dogs and everything else in and around me. The entity left, and I went back to 'Dawn' and let her know this is very serious, she needs to believe me because this could cause her great damage. I didn't have to say much, because she said the same things were happening to her, that had happened to me and my family. I eventually ended doing an energy cleanse on her and her home, which helped this dark entity move on. It has been a year now, and this evil being has not returned to her or my family.

I know it is still out there...causing torment on it's new victim. Just remember, if you are ever in a situation like this, and feel that you need help getting rid of a dark entity, I will always be here to help you - and be sure to have some white sage to burn - it really helps repel that negative energy.

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