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Red Flags: Are angels warning you?

Whether you know it or not, you are getting constant signs and signals from your Angels. Angels are very real. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Pagan - all believe in guiding spirits or Angels as most call them. Angels give different messages through different means. Whether it's angel numbers: 11:11 - 1:11 or so on. These all mean specific things. Through these messages we receive warnings as well. To some extent we all have natural intuition. For some it runs through our family while others it's a learned ability - no matter what we all have it to some degree. I bring this up because to more sensitive people, the Angel messages come through a little stronger. There are warnings in these messages. Specific things we need to know such as warnings. It is my goal with today's article to give you the signs you are being warned by your Angels.

The first and most common Angel warning signs are disembodied voices. These are different for everyone and I want to give an example from one of my clients. This client is named 'Ericka' and I've changed her name to protect her privacy. She was driving through town one day and she had a strong voice literally come to her telling her to turn around - to go back home. She didn't understand this as she's made this trip several times. This was a trip to her work and she's done this for years now taking the same route every single time. There was something different this time - she has had a voice come to her telling her go back home.

Thinking nothing was off and this was just her paranoia she kept on her route. Unfortunately her left front tire blew on the highway and this caused her to swerve into oncoming traffic. She lost her right eye and her legs that day. This goes to prove when an angel has something to say, you need to always listen to it because the biggest sign are the disembodied voices telling you to do something. Trust in these voices - they don't mean you're crazy I promise.

The second sign that you're being warned by an Angel are through dreams. We are at our purest state when we are asleep. We are travelling through other realities - through astral planes and that veil is at it's thinnest. This is when the Angels can give us messages that are unfiltered. I've had many dreams that unfortunately were premonitions of what is to come. I have a rare empathy capacity. I feel emotions stronger than anyone I've ever met and I have a career of being around other talented people. I can feel plants, that is how strong it is so it makes my life just a bit rougher than some others. Anyhow, my dreams are strong and I've had some disturbing ones.

Part of me is always wanting to believe in someone. I've always trusted and given blindly just because I would want someone else to do the same for me. Anyone that knows me personally knows I will give what I have even if it means I have to go without. So the people I let into my life I already have a trust for. I've had dreams about specific people I've let in - in those dreams I've been talked horribly about yet interactions with me are always friendly. These dreams weren't lying and this was my Angels letting me know that it was happening. Dreams are often significant so if your dreams are letting you know something is happening, it's probably your Angels letting you know it's time to take action.

The third sign you really need to focus on the Angel message being sent to you are the feelings in your gut, the feelings in your stomach letting you know there is something just not right. It could be a specific feeling in your stomach around a certain person. You put it off at first yet every time you are around them, every time you see a picture of them and so forth, your stomach just turns. This is a message from your Angels letting you know something is just off here.

For example, I was adopted. I was forced into foster care when I was two years old. It's been a roller coaster to this day and it's something I've had to deal with. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in April. Full body Psoriasis last month and then Covid last week. It's been a lot, yet I've had this gut feeling the whole time that I've chose to interact with negative people. I've gotten the message to step back and re-evaluate. I've done this and things have started getting better starting with self healing. You have to know your limits. Other people may call you crazy and it's only because they don't understand. Your part is not losing yourself in the process. You can do this I promise, I know from personal experience.

The fourth sign that an Angel is trying to get your attention are technical or mechanical issues that just come up out of nowhere. The weirdest thing about all of this is the issues just seemingly go away just as soon as they surface. Sometimes they are meant to delay you. Delay you from going to work, school, the store or whatnot - it all happens for a reason and I say this because what if you were to keep on that path without the issue. You could have gotten into a bad wreck, you could have gotten into something really bad so the delay actually prevented this from happening.

If you are a frequent reader of mine you will already know this story. I have a client who had a daughter. She was driving her daughter to school one morning. She had a previous session with me where I had warned her not to take her to school that day. I had seen something horrible happening with a blue truck. I had seen her vehicle getting hit and it being fatal. She didn't listen. Sure, she avoided that specific vision of mine regarding the issues with the blue truck. She still ended up being hit by another truck after that and she still lost her daughter. She had told me that her truck had been giving her issues for weeks before that. These things happen for a reason so if they are happening they are messages and you have to trust them.

The last sign today that I want to talk about in regards to Angel messages are sudden illnesses or messages from friends/family that are out of place. This can be a sudden feeling not to do something. Suddenly feeling sick before going to take an action so preventing it altogether only to find out it all went wrong. Some call it stage fright, others call it an omen of whats to come yet what it comes down to is it's a clear message to listen to your instincts. 'Instinct' is a fancy word for angel messages or intuition. Some believe they come from the same place.

For example, on 9/11 in the United States of America, there were several reports of people calling into work. Some said it was an illness, some said it was a family emergency while others said their car just wouldn't start. Regardless, there were more call-ins to work on this day than any other in the whole year. Turns out the World Trade Centers were destroyed that day leaving thousands of families in loss. There was a mass premonition of sorts that day, one like no other and this was a mass sign from the Angels to these specific people to not go in. Sure, we all get messages sometimes yet we don't always act on them. For those that do, it's usually for the better.

We all go through loss, through stress and through times we aren't sure we can get through. Whether it's through betrayal, through trusting the wrong person or being that one person who gives no matter what. Loss, gain, suffering, love - we all go through it as a collective family so it's in these times we have to realize we are being given signs from our Angels. We are constantly being steered to the path we're meant to be on and literally everything happens for a reason. Just take it one step at a time because I can promise one way or the other, it does work out and you do have my full support of course.

Keep safe through these scary times, you've made it through this year and this next year will be so much better than this one.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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