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Angels: Signs they are with you

Angels are one of the purest and most powerful creatures to ever walk this earth. They are made of light - and are very pure souls. Their purpose here on this earth is to not only guide us on our paths, but also to protect us from obstacles and harm that may get in our way. When angels are around us, there are always signs, and in this article, I am going to go over several signs of angels along with what they mean. If any of these signs that angels are around you apply to your life and what you have experienced, then angels most likely are in fact with you.

The first sign that an angel is with you is the fact that a random feather landed on your shoulder, landed around you, or made it's way into your life in some way. Feathers are a sign of angelic activity around you. If you have come across a random feather that seems that it was placed there just for you, it might be an angel letting you know that it is with you at that very moment. Different color feathers have different meanings. For example, black feathers are usually a warning - a message to you from your angels that harm may be coming and to pay close attention to your surroundings. A white feather is a message to you letting you know that your angels are around, and are protecting you. A brown feather usually appears in times that you are afraid, filled with anxiety, sick or hurt. This is a message from your angels letting you know they are healing you, and that you will be okay. A yellow feather usually appears in times that you are having a hard time adapting to something in life. This is a sign from your angels that they are there and are going to help you adapt to changes - yet again another sign you are going to be just fine.

The second sign that I want to talk to you about today are scents. Usually when there is an angelic presence around you - you will smell a flowery scent. You will look around, and there are no flowers, no Glade plugins, literally no source that this amazing scent could be coming from. This is usually a sign that angels are around you. You can take it as a message of peace. You are being watched over, and everything is going to be just fine.

The third sign today has to do with animals and babies. Animals and babies are very pure and innocent souls. They haven't been closed off by the world yet. When angels are around, animals and babies will usually see them. You will see your pet or child looking around the room at something that just plainly isn't there - you can't see a thing. This can be a sign of angelic presence - and again - this isn't something to be worried about usually. If this is an angelic presence, it is there to let you know that you are safe.

The fourth sign that an angel is with you is the fact you are hearing a very light and faint music around you - and you can't make out where the source is. A lot of my clients report this happening to them when their angels are near. It is very special. This music is usually reported as a choir sound, harps or other instrumental music. It is always very faint. If this has happened to you, or is currently happening to you - it is a sure sign that either the neighbors have their music up too loud - or there is in fact an angel with you.

The fifth sign of an angelic presence are coins in random places - heads up. If you find a random coin on the sidewalk - or on the street - or on the floor and it is heads up, it could be a sign that angels are near you - and are sending positive energy your way. Heads up coins has long been a superstition of good luck - and there is a reason for it. This has long been a sign of angelic beings coming to send us good fortune when we are doing the right things in life, or when we need a little boost. Just another sign that angels are around you, watching out for you, and that you are in good hands.

The sixth sign today are repeating numbers such as 11:11, 1:11, 3:33, 5:55, 10:10. Of course these don't have to refer to times on the clock, they can be anything. The total amount on your store receipt, a license plate in front of you, something on TV, something you hear on the radio - it doesn't really matter how these numbers manifest into your path, the fact is they do, and you notice it immediately. It just grabs your eye so to speak. These are angelic signs that you are doing the right thing, you are on the right path, and to keep strong. Usually people who need the most strength see them more often, and at exactly the right times. When you see these numbers - find peace in your heart. These angelic numbers are signs from your angels that good things are headed your way.

The seventh sign today that angels are around you are voices. This is similar to the music I mentioned a little earlier in this post. This can manifest as hearing your name faintly being called but there is nobody around. It may manifest as just a fuzzy voice that you can't quite make out, but you don't get a creepy vibe from. This is a comforting voice. If you can't quite make out that voice, just close your eyes, and ask out loud or in your heart for your angels to be louder. They will usually either confirm the voice in your heart, mind or even out loud again. This is a sign from them that you are protected, and they just want to remind you that they are always there when you need them.

The last sign I want to mention today has to do with lights. When an angel is around you, sometimes you will see a flash of light out of the corner of your eye, or just a very brief flash of light in the room. You may think that it was just the result of you blinking - a visionary work of the mind. However this flash is real. I see them all the time in my house, mostly at night. Like a flash of lightning outside just lit up the room for the shortest split second ever. These flashes of light used to confuse me until I connected to them. It was then that I knew and was told these lights are in fact actual energy illuminations. Angels live in a dimension or 'reality' that is very close to ours, closely layered right with ours, almost intertwined so to speak. When an angel shifts into this layer of reality where we reside, there often times is a flash of light, sometimes dim and sometimes bright. This is a huge sign of angelic presence, and that an angel is with you at that moment in time.

There are many more signs of angelic presence, and I could go on for days. The signs are different for all of us, yet the one thing that is always there is that angels are not here to harm, hurt, mislead or lie to you at all. They are purely spiritual beings, very pure, very high vibration, and they are here to help, guide, protect, lead and steer you in this life. Guiding you to the path of most good - to live your best life in every way. So if any of these signs apply to you that I have talked about today, an angel is most likely with you!

Do you have an angel with you? Let me know in the comments, and share this post with your friends! They may have angels with them too!

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