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Angels: What exactly are they?

One of the tougher questions that I get as a professional psychic is if angels are real. If they exist, and what exactly they are. A lot of people request angel readings without really understanding fully what one is. It is my goal with today's post to not only answer these questions, but to also give an example or two of true client stories dealing with angels. I don't expect everyone to agree with my beliefs. Angels are a tricky subject to talk on because some people have their own ideas about what they are and where they come from. So keep an open mind, grab some popcorn, and enjoy this post!

I want to first explain that angels are very real. There are many life forms that exist in today's world and beyond. Some life you can see, smell and touch. Other life you cannot see or touch, but it can see and touch you. Some life is new, while other life is supremely old. My regular readers will already know that I speak about multiple layers of realities and dimensions, all having life. Heaven is a real place, and so is Hell - yet it is my firm belief that it isn't as explained in the historical Bible. Back when the Bible was written, everything was all about fables, stories and illusions. Exaggerating a specific story-line to make a point, to teach a lesson and to more guide or control the people in a governmental way. It has been proven that certain books, such as The Book of Enoch, have been omitted for their contents. Magic was a very powerful and arcane practice in those days, it still is, and the Bible was full of it. The Book of Enoch was taken out, but can still be found if you are interested. I own it - I feel it is a staple in historical books. It talks about angels. Real angels - the Nephilim. So I would definitely get it for your collection!

Anyhow, as mentioned, there really is a reality or layer in existence called Heaven and Hell. Heaven is a place of pure positive vibrations, frequencies and spirits. It is the non-physical reality where angels are in fact from. This is the reality where 'God' resides. God is the pure source of energy that all things positive and light are from. The source of the energy that holds together this existence. The source energy that created it. The glue that is life. Angels are the inter-dimensional beings that protect this pure life source, the soldiers that fight for everything positive. They are real, they can be called on, they can be communicated with, and they are around us all. They have real life's, families of their own. Likes, dislikes. I am not a Christian, but I am not against Christian beliefs. Angels aren't associated with only religion or religious people for me. They existed before books or religion ever did. They are mere protectors of positive vibrations and life energy, whereas the opposite applies to demons.

Demons are not to be associated with any one religion - they exist like angels do - and they exist whether or not religion exists. They are from the literal reality which is Hell, but can also exist in other realities. I will explain. Demons can't travel to higher vibrational realities, for example Heaven. Life forms can always travel to lower vibrational realities, or equal vibrational realities. Just not higher ones. That is why angels can visit Earth, they can visit Hell, they can travel to any other reality because they are already one of the highest vibrational beings that exist. Demons are one of the lowest vibrational life forms, but not the lowest. They can travel to Earth, they can travel to other realities and dimensions just as long as it isn't a higher vibration or energy. Demons can't enter Heaven. They can't exist there - their life force can't take those high frequencies. They are an energy life form. Both angels and demons alike are. They aren't the only life forms however, they are just the ones that are made known to you since birth.

Ghosts, spirits, angels, demons, archangels, arch-demons - the list goes on and on. So now that I have explained what they are and where they come from, I want to give you a story about a client of mine. This client is named Amanda, and she lives on the west coast of the United States. She had never gotten along with her mother. Her mother was always abusive, she always let men take advantage of her - she just wasn't fit to be a mother. Regardless, Amanda loved her. So when she had gotten the news that her mother had gotten a bad infection on her foot, and was going to lose it, she immediately came to me. If her mother lost her foot, this would mean that she would have to leave her home, leave her job and life, to go take care of her. Naturally this isn't something she wanted to do, it would ruin everything that she has worked so hard to achieve. She was brought up Roman Catholic. Saints and angels were things she was used to, things she was familiar with, and she not only wanted an angel reading to see what was going to happen with her mother, but she also wanted an angel healing. An angel healing is when I would connect to those guardian angels, and ask them directly to send that healing to a certain person or situation. Angel work is very powerful when done the right way, but can be very dangerous too if you are inexperienced - sometimes other entities come through that manipulate and lie.

Anyhow, during the angel healing I contacted those guardian angels. To my surprise they weren't very keen to help. They knew what type of person Amanda's mother was. They knew it was her time to go. Not only would the foot be taken, but it will kill her in the process. Angels are very strong minded. They see the bigger picture. They see everything. They aren't like you were taught - when they don't want to do something they can come across very strongly, even scary at times because of their power and energy. It is very intimidating, yet for Amanda I really pressed this. I knew her reasoning's behind it, and that is what I explained to her angels. Reluctantly, they agreed to send that healing energy. Within a week, not only had the foot gotten completely better, but her underlying diabetes had actually gotten better. Her body was producing insulin again. It was a miracle in every way, and to this day Amanda writes to me. She has become a rather close friend, and just one example of just how real angels really are, and how they can change an impossible situation into one that is positive.

This next example I want to give you about angels is a rather chilling one. It shows how even though angels are beings of pure energy, they are strong physically as well. There is a reason why they are called guardian angels after all. I had a client named Steve, he lives in the UK. Steve was a truck driver, and had been for most of his adult life. He was traveling one winter, carrying a large truck load across country. It was something he was used to and had gotten very comfortable with it. It had become routine. Anyhow, this winter was a particularly rough one. The snow was double what he was used to, the roads were icy, and worst of all there was a heavy fog that had set over this long highway. He had no idea that his life was about to change forever.

He was going rather slow. Windshield wipers going at full capacity. Before he knew it there was tail lights coming up really fast...lots of them. He couldn't stop. He slammed on the breaks, his truck slid - it flipped to it's side, and rammed right into about 10-12 other cars that were already piled up on this cold snowy road. The next thing he knew, everything was spinning. Everything in the cab of that truck was flying. The dead scraping of metal and sparks were all around him - then it went dark. He ended up being thrown through the windshield, and underneath the big black car that was behind him. This was a large vehicle, it had him pinned underneath it - and the scarier part was that a fire had started. As cold as it was, as snowy as it was, it shocked everyone around how fast this fire ignited. His time was limited.

To this day he never has remembered the name of the man that saved him - yet as he woke up under this car, there were already people around trying to lift it up off of him. The car wasn't budging. Then out of nowhere, and to this day nobody knows who it was, an African American man had walked up, he looked oddly calm considering what was going on. He was able to lift this car right off of Steve, no hesitation, then walked off. Nobody saw where he went, or what car he got into - he was just gone. About four months after this ordeal, Steve was still pretty hurt and still healing. He needed to know the answer to the question that was on everyone's mind: was this an angel?

After connecting to this energy, was able to find out that not only was it an angel, it was an archangel - his name was Gabriel and yes, that is who lifted the car off of him. It wasn't his time to go. Not all of us have archangels around us. What made this special, was it wasn't his guardian angel, it was the guardian angel of the woman who had hit him, the owner of the black car that was on top of him. It was her guardian angel who had saved him. When it is your time to go, it is your time and usually nothing can stop it. Death will continue to follow you until it takes you. Yet, when it isn't your time and you are in a life or death situation, that is when these miracles happen. Angels are powerful, they are real, and as you have learned through this post, religion has nothing to do with it.

So as you read this, know there are angels around you no matter who you are, no matter what your faith is, no matter what you have done. They are just as real as you and I are. Close your eyes, see a light around you, call out to your angels in your mind. They are there. They are listening, and they will always protect you.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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