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Anger: The real spiritual killer

From stubbing your toe, to spilling your drink, to being treated badly .. the list goes on and on as to the reasons we may get angry in life. Anger is a natural emotion that we all experience, but it is what we do with it that can become one of the top on the list of spiritual killers. In this post today I want to talk about how anger can really ruin our lives, as well as give an example on how it has almost ruined mine spiritually.

A spiritual killer is something that we experience that can make us closed off to the higher energies around us resulting in negativity, manifestations of bad events in our lives, and a constant bad attitude. Anger is the leading cause of all of these things, and is therefore the top spiritual killer that there is.

I recently had to go through a situation with a client that really brought out anger in me, which never happens. I never allow my personal feelings to get involved with my business. So what happened, is I had a client who I will call Terri, who had been a long time client. Over fifty readings and I had gotten to know her pretty well, and helped her through a lot of issues she was experiencing. One prediction after the other manifested for her right in front of her eyes, and this amazed her. We spoke almost daily. Her prediction was for a woman that she had fallen in love with to come back into her life before the end of the year. They had been pretty close, yet had gotten into a fight. Hurtful things were said between them, promises had been broken, lies had been said. It was a messed up situation so they went their separate ways.

The prediction was for her to reach out to Terri before the end of the year. There were rules though. One, was that she couldn't initiate with this woman at all. This means stop sending her messages. Stop stalking her social medias. Just stop altogether and let nature work. If she followed these specific rules like I had said, this prediction would manifest just like all of the other ones that had manifested for her.

Long story short, she didn't follow my advice. She had gotten drunk, and called her on one occasion. She didn't answer, and I knew she wouldn't. That is why I told her not to reach out to her. So, that was one time she broke the rules. Another time was she reached out to her on a social media app. She was breaking every rule I had given her, but still expected her love interest to reach out to her as I predicted. Naturally, her breaking the rules led to the prediction not manifesting. She had pushed it back, if not prevented it altogether from happening. She got ridiculously angry with me. Called me a liar, even after all the previous predictions manifested, and I have the ratings to prove it from her. She gave me a one star rating, which she later removed and apologized for, which I appreciate. I ended up having to block her on another platform I work on, and she tracked me down here on RVP. Several heated messages later it is finally resolved with no bad energy. This is the one time I let my anger get to me on a business level.

She had said some very hurtful things about me, attacked my marriage and family, called me a demon, false prophet and Satan. Just horrible things. This is a woman that is in her 40's, single, living with her mother, and poor income. I have nothing against Terri. I knew she had emotional problems from the first time I connected to her. So, I ended up pointing out some facts to her in an angry way, I was very unprofessional because I let my anger get to me. Anger makes you do ridiculous things, say horrible things you don't mean, and do impulsive actions that you would have never done otherwise. The only reason she was lashing out at me is because she was more upset with herself for breaking the rules. I told her all along that if she didn't follow my advice this wouldn't happen. Being angry is okay until you take it to the level of having to regret something the next day. It will sink into your whole life and ruin everything on the way down.

When you are angry just breathe. Step away - walk around. Light a candle. Even tell yourself out loud to be positive. This is what I ended up having to do - and it really worked. The reason this can kill you spiritually is anger makes you lose hope and faith. It makes you lose positivity and motivation. You can't take back things that you say, they will always be there. So learning to control your anger benefits not only you, but also the people around you. I felt I needed to share this with you guys, because yes, I wanted to vent. My blog is like a journal of sorts - sharing my life with you. But I also don't want to see any of you allow your anger to make you do things you regret and take away things from you that you can't get back. It isn't worth the embarrassment you have to face because of stupid actions you did while you were angry.

It is always important to remember that if this won't matter six months from now, it isn't worth getting upset over. Anger can be used as a tool to motivate and drive you, just don't let it be the water that sinks you. If you ever need someone to talk to, I will be here for you, and remember, you are not alone. Anger happens to all of us - but it is what we do with it that can make or break us. Don't let this spiritual killer put out your light.

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