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Another bad day in Wonderland...

It takes many different types of people to make the world go around. Some are serious, others are more open minded. Some are bitter, and others more sweet natured. As a professional psychic I get to experience them all. Today was a rather bad day for me, and instead of bottling up this negative energy, I wanted to write about it. Writing about these types of things not only helps me, but can help other people in the same situations. I ended up taking the night off early again, today was just a lot to handle.

So the first thing I came into the office to this morning was getting told off basically by a client of mine on Fiverr. This was a first time client and she had a three question reading. She wanted to know her children's welfare for the next six months, her relationship in the next six months, and where she would end up living in the next year. While usually I do not offer general readings, I already was feeling her energy and I already knew she was a person already on the edge. A bipolar type of spirit, so I knew I had to really be careful on how I worded things with her. Other readers had reported negative experiences with this person, so I already had that feeling that I didn't want to do the reading - yet I did it anyways. I don't like turning people down. Boy do I regret doing it now, her aura was very on point. This woman was mad at the world and she wanted me to know it.

Anyhow, I completed her reading, making sure I included the most details possible for her. Telling her specific things that only she could have knew. I knew she was already married, I knew she owned her home, and I knew her children were healthy. I let her know that her children have vibrant spirits, that they will really end up making her proud, and I let her know the things to watch out for. I let her know that her and her husband would continue to grow closer, that I knew there were issues there yet he was loyal to her, and I really felt the marriage being long term. The thing she didn't like was that I had seen her losing her home in the next year. Her and her family would end up having to relocate. She didn't like this. She gave me an earful of how she doesn't need to get closer to her husband. They were already married, and that I was ridiculous for even saying that. She also let me know that she isn't going to lose her home. That she knows she will live there forever.

Well, one of the reasons people seek out a psychic is to find the unseen, to learn of the obstacles coming up and to be ready for them. You don't go to a psychic, and be mad that something comes up you weren't expecting. She ended up calling me every name in the book. One of her exact phrases was: "You are pathetic". She went on to say how I was arguing with her, when in reality I just was wanting it to end. I cancelled the session, and she had ended up threatening to report me to Fiverr and ban my account. People like that have issues, deep ones and only want to tear those around them down. I ended up blocking her, she was out to fight someone today, and that someone ended up being me. Of course I know she reported me, yet I am not afraid of that. I did nothing wrong, and I truly believe that karma is going to get her. I mean, you get what you give, and there is obviously a reason her life is going downhill, because this is how she treats people. Karma is real.

So that is how I started my day. I worked really hard at keeping focused, working through the long list of sessions I have each and every single day. Then out of nowhere I get another notice from Fiverr that yet again, another session had been cancelled. I ended up getting a rather long note from the client. They said I did nothing wrong. They had gotten two readings from two different mediums, and mind was different from the other persons. So while they admit I didn't do anything wrong, they cancelled the session only because what I said was different. Anyone who is smart knows that I cannot control what other psychics say. I don't run their businesses. The fact that I had the session that I worked really hard on cancelled just because what I reported was opposed what someone else said is pretty much blaming me for anothers actions. That is wrong, and just another part of my job that I wish was different. It gets hard maintaining patience.

I find myself stressing out about Fiverr all the time, each and every single day. I enjoy helping people, yet some of the most bitter people I have ever met have been on that platform. I shouldn't have to resent or be afraid of my job. My heart is in the right place. Instead of letting this energy bottle up inside of me, and taking it out unfairly on those around me, I decided to write about it. I needed to get it out. This job isn't easy, and just like any other profession, it can be a lot to handle at times. Most people think that owning your own businesses is a piece of cake - yet for those of us who actually do it know, it is a lot of stress, drama, hard work, endless nights and constant worry.

If I had to get to one point in this post today, I would want it to be the fact we all need to be more open minded. Don't get a psychic reading if you already have your mind set up that you want to hear a certain thing. If you don't have an open mind, you don't need to be dealing with psychics. We bring out things you wouldn't expect, and you won't always hear what you want to hear. Getting mad at the psychic for the message presented is like getting mad at the sky on a rainy day. If you don't like getting wet, don't stand in the rain. If you aren't open to receiving new information, don't ask for it.

Well, now that I have that off of my chest, I feel we all have something to learn from this. A little respect, sensitivity and care go a long way in life. We need to treat those around us like we want to be treated, no exceptions. Keep a more open mind to the world. The world will believe in you until you stop believing in it.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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