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Are dreams actually real?

Dreams have always been such a mysterious phenomena. Of course science always finds a way to explain things. According to science dreams are just flashes of our daily life being projected across our minds while we sleep. Something about this hypothesis just doesn't sit right with me and it never has. Some of the dreams I have in no way reflect anything to do with my daily life, nor anything to do with what I watch, listen to or read. In my strong opinion, there is a lot more to dreams than we are taught and in today's article I want to dive more into what dreams are. Are dreams the 'real life' and this is the dream? Are dreams alternative dimensions that are just as real as this life? What is going on here.

I want to start off by giving you more insight as to what I experience. When I sleep I am always carried to this same land, the same scenery, the same people and situations. I know this place so well I know where to walk, and yes, I control my actions in my 'dreams'. I control what I say, where I go. I can feel things, see things, taste things, smell things - this is a real place. There is always a war going on. On one end of this land that I am taken to it is a sandy beach. There is a multiple storied jail or prison that is always packed. There are no elevators at this strange jail, it is by concrete staircase and it has a chain link fence. I've been put into this place many times in my dream, but always escape to save my husband, only to be recaptured later. In this land, a government has failed and people are on their own. They are being rounded up, put in camps and it basically is a hell.

After escaping this jail or camp, my husband and I have to hide under vehicles, move through tents, and make our way down the ditch next to the chain link fence until we can get out. After we get out, we run across that dirt road and hide in another ditch. On the other side of this ditch is like a swamp that has tall thick plants growing out of it, so my husband and I get in this swamp to get away. There are dead carcasses of sea animals like whales and such. The smell is horrible but it's either our life, or this. We eventually get to this jungle where many people are. It goes on and on, each dream it just sort of picks up where I left off, or it's a new situation as if the dream continued after I woke up. It has given me a lot to think about to be honest, and my conclusion is sometimes with some people, dreams can be very real. They can be real places.

How is this possible? The truth is how do we even know this life is real. How do we know this life isn't the dream? Take it all into consideration. It's a deep concept, but many people believe that this world is like a hologram or a SIMS game of some sort. They believe that we are in a virtual reality type situation, and when we go to sleep - that is the real world. It is a lot to take in, but when you have an open mind it gives you a lot to think about.

There is a very real spiritual ability called astral projection, which is basically defined as our energy body or spiritual body leaving the physical one, which is able to travel outside the body. It is believed when we dream, this spiritual body leaves the physical one, and that is what we perceive as dreaming. What the astral body experiences is what we are seeing as our dream. It's hard to explain. Others believe dreams are much simpler - that they are just a combination of the things we see on a movie, the things we hear throughout the day, our feelings and all of that just creates a story in our mind.

The truth is nobody has the exact answer, and if they do it is hidden from us. We can only make our own calculations as to what a dream is, and you are entitled to your opinion. My personal belief is we can learn the mysteries of the Universe through our dreams. Somehow we open to a bigger world with unlimited possibilities when we sleep. Lucid dreaming is a spiritual gift that allows the dreamer to go where they want to go, say what they want to say, do what they want to do and make all the conscious decisions while they sleep. I have this gift, and when I talk to my husband about it he doesn't really understand, not everyone has the gift. For those of us that have it, we know there is more to dreams than what we are taught. They are real, it's a whole other reality and I feel we can tap into something life changing through it.

So what are your opinions on dreams? Do you agree with what I have said or have you had the same types of dreams as me? Let me know in the comments! Just remember to keep an open mind, because literally anything is possible to the believer.

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