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Are 'possessions' real or are they made up? A psychics account ...

When we think of possessions - we think of the movies we have seen, such as The Conjuring. While Hollywood does know how to spice things up for us, the underlying issue is that possession is very real - and not as rare as the Vatican may make us feel it is.

In Wikipedia, the definition of a possession is: psychokinetic control of the behavior of a living thing or natural object by a spiritual being.

This automatically states that being possessed means that a spiritual being takes over the physical body. You have seen this over and over again through the media and I can tell you that from my experience as a professional psychic, possession is very real, and I will try my best in this article to explain not only possession, but the signs around it, along with a personal experience of mine dealing with it.

When trying to understand possession, we must first accept the fact that being possessed immediately means that our physical body, the shell to our spirit, is hijacked or being hacked so to speak. I have talked previously in my blogs how entities are very real, they don't need a physical body to exist. This makes it scary, and this is what brings me to my main point: are possessions real.

The simple answer is yes. They are very real. Our bodies are just capsules that hold our spirit, our soul, our energy. Just like an airplane on Earth, this capsule can be taken over, hijacked and we sometimes wont ever know it.

Being a psychic, I am constantly open to energies. The bad, and the good - I have experienced it all. Being at the age of 32 now, I have come to learn my triggers, the things that make me vulnerable to these other energies. As a psychic, I am like a gateway - always vulnerable...and sometimes - they get through.

It was my 28th birthday. I didn't have much family. Having been given up to the US government when I was 2 years old - it didn't make for a social life. Anyhow, my husband and I had already been together for at least two years at this point. We were drinking hard liquor - and to those of us who know - they are called 'spirits' for a reason.

Anyhow, we had invited over friends that night. We wanted to have a good time- and we had everything to make it happen. Those of us who have spiritual gifts, such as foresight or other, know that hard liquor opens us up to other beings who just want a physical body.

That night, we had several drinks. One after the other, we sat and played games - had a good time. This couple had a set of kids their own - and they seemed to have a level head on their shoulders. I know that they say that hard liquor had a way of making people black out - but this was a whole new experience for me.

The last think I remember about that night was us all - my husband and our friends sitting around our dining room table playing a new game called Speak Out by Hasbro. We were having a blast. One second I was there - then the next I wasn't.

It was like when you are really tired - so tired that you can't keep your eyes open. One second you are there - and then you aren't. The same thing applies to possession. Another being just takes over your energy, hijacks you so to speak, and if it is anything like my experience - you will never know the difference.

This game, Speak Out, is an innocent game. You put this mouth piece into your mouth, and try to make out these different names or titles to your partner. It is all rather fun - but this time it wasn't.

My husband and I love to have family fun game nights with our friends. We are both 32 years old - and all of our friends have children. So we invite them over once a week to have fun - and this has at this point been going on for at least 4 years. We have become family at this point.

So, this Tuesday evening we all gathered at my house for family fun week. This time it was Monopoly - and I just knew I was going to win. I didn't know at that point what I was getting myself into.

So our friend Jessica and her boyfriend, along with her two kids came over, like they always did. We set up the game on my coffee table while my husband was setting up the refreshments - that night it was a veggie platter with home made ranch dip. My husband is an awesome chef - and we all knew that.

It was round three of the game - and that is all I remember - rolling the dice. It landed on two 6's and I just blacked out. All I remember is sinking into this deep black ocean. Sinking further and further. I could hear the voices around me as if they were miles away.

"Demetri" - I heard them calling. "Open your eyes - what's wrong?"

I heard the voices around me as if faint echoes in a mountain range.

"Demetri ..... STOP" - and then it was all silent.

I woke up to the choking grasp to breathe. I had thrown myself into the duck pond at the local park.

They had said I called myself a weird name, was speaking in a different language - and the thing that had scared my husband - was my eye color had changed right in front of his eyes. He knew it wasn't me.

Long story short - there are real entities that don't need a physical body to live. They want our bodies to experience this type of dimension they don't have. They can hurt us, make us do things we don't want to do. Most of the time, by the time we wake up the damage is already done as in my case.

Be careful, always protect yourself. Possessions are very real.

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