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Are psychics right all the time?

After many years of giving public psychic readings, this is still a question that I receive a lot from my clients. Are psychics right all the time?

I have many people come to me saying that what I have said is completely different than what other psychics have said. I have even had people say that they have had readings by a handful of psychics - and all the other readings were different than mine - and clients just don't understand why.

To put it simply, there are a lot of fake psychics in this field. Psychics are very much in demand, so some people see it as a quick income with no care for people whatsoever. In my line of work, I find myself giving readings to other so called psychics, so that they can deliver to their clients. It is not fair - but the truth is a real psychic is hard to find.

A genuine psychic such as myself do make real connections to other people's energies. I have found that in the few times I have been wrong, when a prediction did not happen as predicted, these are the times that the client was not patient enough to wait for the prediction to manifest. I often tell my clients that the only curse of a psychic reading is knowing what is to come, but not having the patience to wait for it to happen. Some people see these exciting things, and want them to happen now, so they make certain choices that were advised against in their readings - and that can ruin things completely.

It is very important to always follow the advice given in the readings from any psychic. In my readings, I tell clients if they are on the right path or not, and if not - I let them know how to get on that right path. Psychic readings are not for the weak minded - they often cause people to make impulsive decisions that can void out the prediction altogether.

For example, I have a client named 'Max'. I have changed his name in this article for his privacy. Max is in love with a woman whom he has a long history with. She moved overseas to attend a nice University, and they have lost touch with each other. I started reading for 'Max' mid 2018 - and the original prediction was that his lover, I will call her 'Tammy', would reveal her love to him back in August - and that never happened. So after doing some digging with this client, it turns out that he did the opposite of what was advised in the reading, which is to not contact her and let her reach out to him. That is how I saw it had to happen, and was going to happen, but he couldn't initiate this with her first.

Come to find out, he was reaching out to her, which is the opposite of what I said to do, and it has pushed this prediction back all the way, even to this day. All of this would have been avoided if 'Max' would have listened to my advice the first time.

So you see, in cases like this it can't be assumed that the psychic is wrong. I was not wrong. It was the client who did not follow the suggested advice that voided out the prediction.

When you find a real psychic, you always want to be honest with them, give your real names, your real situations. You can't lie to try to make your life look worse than it is. Lying to a psychic will cause the energy to be manipulated and the reading won't be as accurate. So honesty is important, and following all advice in a reading is important as well.

I understand that knowing the future is a hard thing. The natural human reaction to knowing the future is to change it, or to make it happen faster. I always suggest to my clients that patience is everything. Patience and trust - long time clients of mine will be able to tell you that this is absolutely correct. The times they didn't listen to me, their lives got worse - opposed to the times they did in fact listen to me, their predictions manifest right on time. At the end of the day, I have built incredible relationships with some clients who's lives have changed for the better all because they trusted their readings.

This brings me back to the main point of this post: are psychics right all the time? If you follow the advice of a genuine psychic in a reading, then yes, your reading will contain detailed accuracy that can change your life in many ways! Whether you choose to take steps to change the outcome is up to you. Nothing is ever set in stone.

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