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Are 'soul connections' real? If so - what are they?

As a professional psychic, this is a question that I receive almost on a daily basis: are soul connections real? In this post, I will be talking about not only soul connections, but I will also be giving a very interesting story from my life as a psychic dealing with them.

What are soul connections? A soul connection is when a spirit or energy is connected as one, and split into one or even more separate energies. These souls, spirits or energies will spend the rest of their existence trying to get back to each other. I have seen this in siblings being soul connected, finding their way back to each other over the course of many separate lives. I have seen soul love connections, some call them soulmates or twin flames, always finding their way back together over many lives as well.

While nobody can really explain how the one spirit gets separated into more than one, the fact is it is very real, and when this happens, they are pulled back to each other like magnets. Energies, or spirits, cannot be created any more than they can die - they always exist. So soul connections are something that we cannot fight. You and this other spirit belong together as one, literally, and will always find your ways back to each other.

I have seen amazing things happen in my career, and one of them involved a case of soul connections unlike I have ever seen before. Her name was Cindy, and she was experiencing something she had never been through. She felt a powerful connection to this man, but she was confused. It was not a love connection - more like an intense family connection. He felt the same way, but how could this be possible? They were not related - and they knew this for a fact.

Cindy was into family history and had tracked her blood line back several hundred years. She had ordered a past life reading with me, and in it I clearly saw that this man, Casey, has been a twin of hers in the past life - in many past lives actually. The weird thing was, they almost looked identical in this life too. So she took the information I had given her about the fact he was her twin in a past life, and to her astonishment, there was a Cindy and Casey pair of twins from over a century earlier.

She compared her baby pictures to the pictures of these twins, and they were identical. This man Casey that she had been feeling this intense energy with was a reincarnation of her twin from a previous life. It is always very interesting how soul connections work.

Another example is from a client of mine named Aaron. Aaron had been having intense dreams for over the course of 4 years. They always were about the same woman - Maria. He had never met or seen this woman in life - he was sure of that. Yet something about her was just so familiar. It was like he knew her, he loved her, he felt a life of memories with her. But how could that be possible? He had only ever dreamed of her.

He had gotten a dream analysis with me, and in the session, it was revealed that she was his soul love connection, or as others call it - a soulmate. He was receiving prophetic visions of her in his sleep, and that doesn't happen too often, so it is very rare. I informed Aaron that he would in fact be meeting her in this life, and it was going to take place at a grocery store close to a large black bank. He then informed me that there was a huge black bank only a few blocks from where he lived - right next to that was a grocery store. One that he had been to many times before.

So the reading continued to the point I was able to narrow down when he needed to be there, and what to look for. He followed my advice - he said that day he had a strange pulsating energy in his chest - one that would later turn out to be that energy connection between them. Not only was Maria there, but she was wearing the same red dress as in his dream. To make a long story short - they were later married and Maria is now expecting a daughter.

Soul connections are very real - and are very powerful. No matter what, if you are not with your soul connection in this life, you will never feel completely complete. There is just a sense of 'knowing' and a sense of being complete in every way when you are with yours. This doesn't mean that you can't find love, because you can absolutely find love. Soul connections are different.

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