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Are they watching you at night?

Something I have noticed happening more and more lately are strange reports of 'beings' that are coming to people at night or in dreams. Normally this isn't something I would write a post about, but there is something different about these cases. They all have something in common: these beings just sit and stare. They don't make noises, they don't move around the room - they just stare. What caught me off guard about these cases is even though every now and then I will get a case regarding strange beings, it isn't something that happens too often. Yet in the last month alone, I have had at lease twelve separate clients report the same thing. Clients that don't know each other and live on opposite sides of the world. The majority of these clients having very professional jobs, not tending to believe in things like this. Yet here they were, coming to me because these 'beings' were always there watching them at night. It was getting to a point they were feeling as if they were crazy and need their sense of normalcy back.

Anyhow, I wanted to write about this because I don't feel it is a coincidence that these reports of the same being are coming in from a dozen different people at the same time. They describe these beings as a dark entity. One that sits in a dark corner of their rooms at night just watching them, yet when they turn on the lights, nothing is there. There isn't a source for a shadow. All reports describe the eyes as dark, reddish and very piercing to the soul. What makes all of this even more disturbing, is the same being is claimed to be in their dreams too. It is like you can't escape from it. Had it only been two or three cases it could be put off as a strange coincidence, hallucinations or something along those lines. Yet the fact at least twelve separate clients are saying the same thing really makes you stop and wonder what really is going on here. Why would an entity just sit and watch? Never making a move, never saying a thing, as if it is studying you almost. It is enough to give you goosebumps.

When connecting to this beings energy, it gave off a very malicious vibe, and I could immediately feel that darkness. This being was in fact real, it was an inter-dimensional being, and it was in fact studying these people, feeding on their energy. A lot of people don't believe things like this exist, yet they do, and are just as real as you and I are. There are several layers of life, some say an unlimited amount of layers upon reality. In each one of these layers there is intelligent life and it isn't all good. Just as we need to eat to live, so do they, and some feed off the energy that we give off. These beings that were being reported to me are one of them. One of the strongest human emotions aside from love is fear. When these beings put us in a state of fear, they are getting that strong energy that we send out. Causing us nightmares is a very simple way to feed on us, simply because we are just laying there, vulnerable and open to things like this.

One of my clients, I will call her Karyn, was one of the people being affected. She wanted to know exactly what it was, and she knew she wasn't crazy because her husband had been seeing the same thing, both at night and in his dreams. I told her like I told the others who are having this same issue. I let her know that it wasn't from this layer of reality. Somehow it had gotten through the veil so to speak. I let her know I feel it has a lot to do with CERN, and how it is letting these spiritual beings through, which is why there have been so many reports just recently. I am not the only one that feels CERN is causing these things to happen. All you have to do is do a little research, mainstream scientists along with Stephen Hawking even warned this would happen. It is very interesting.

Anyhow, I let Karyn know of all of this, that she isn't the only one. I let her know what she could do to stop this being, and it turns out it wasn't easy at all. Everyone who reported this being to me is having a very hard time getting rid of it. I mean, how does one even go about removing a being from a different reality. It is scary, yet the most effective way is having a circle of sea salt under your bed, quartz crystals around your room, and burning white sage. These beings are smart, it is like they know what you are doing, and learn from it. About five days into this ordeal was the day I first saw it. I had an uneasy feeling and sat up in the middle of the night only to see this being in the corner of my room. It had a horrible energy and I could tell it was feeding on me. My husband reported nightmares that same night. So I cleansed our home, and so far haven't seen it again.

I compare what is going on as being similar to a cold outbreak, or a flu outbreak. It spreads, only this isn't a sickness. It is a real being and it always is reported as being exactly as described in this article. Just sitting, watching, feeding. Anyhow back to Karyn, this being wasn't only affecting her and her husband, her children were reporting the same sightings, and they had even brought the police into it at one point. They had reported someone being in their home, but not a trace was ever found. She ended up getting an actual home cleanse with me, and this seemed to take care of it. The nightmares stopped along with the sightings. I know all of this sounds ridiculous. It is like a bad science fiction movie, yet I can assure you these events are real, these clients are real and what they are all seeing is very real as well. If you believe in spirits, then you already believe in inter-dimensional beings. Spirits are inter-dimensional beings, and just like life on Earth, there are many different forms of them.

Now you know how scary the world really is. The beings that my clients are reporting are real, and it is happening more and more. Just keep that circle of salt under your bed, put crystals around your home, burn white sage once a week throughout every room of your house. These things will help protect you. The important thing to know is if this is happening to you, you are not crazy. What you are experiencing is real, and there is always a way to make these things go away. If you ever need me, you know how to reach me. I can help you get through this. This post is not meant to scare anyone, it is meant to inform you what others are experiencing right now. Perhaps it is happening to you too and reading this will bring you comfort.

Have a great week guys!

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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