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Are we 'alone' in the Universe? A psychics perspective.

When it comes to the Universe, we all have a different concept or idea as to what it is. Who can blame us? From birth we are slammed with every different opinion of what the Universe is, different religions and ideas - and we are pressured to fit inside the box.

I have always had a different concept of what the Universe is, and never have believed it was just this bubble floating around in a big nothing. It is hard to explain, but I hope you get the picture. To be honest, I don't even believe in the Universe to be what we are taught it is. I believe that everything is energy, no boundaries and never ending.

In this unlimited amount of energy, there are definitely countless forms of life. Some of this life is physical like you and me. Such as humans, dogs, trees, mountains, grasshoppers and so forth. Everything physical. In these physical bodies of ours is our spirit, our soul and our energy. It is up to you what to label it as - yet it all means the same thing.

Not all life has or even requires a physical body from my experience. I have come across many types of life just as real as you and me - and these were not physical entities, yet were very intelligent. Because they did not have a physical body, they were not bound by physical matters such as walls. There are layers of existence. Layers of life and energy. Some call these 'parallel' universes while others call them different realities. There are many if not countless layers in the room you are sitting in this very moment.

In each of these countless layers there is life - boundless life just like here in this reality right now. They may call where they live Earth, or they may call it something else. No two layers are identical. Some may say that this is where we go when we dream - to these other layers of energy or other realities. Some may say we are dreaming right now only to awaken to our real lives, which we call dreams in this life.

The subject is very deep, yet back to the main topic. There are boundless life forms other than us, and I have had contact through channeling sessions and other forms of communication with these entities. I can assure you they are very much as alive as you and me, and are not only powerful but intelligent as well. They have been around much longer than life as we know it now, and will live on much past our physical expiration date.

Through remote viewing, I have discovered that there are high ranking organisations on this planet right now that are working hand in hand with some of these inter-dimensional beings that I have spoke of. This is how our technology has sky rocketed in just the past few decades, and will continue to do so. They say the truth is hidden in plain sight. So flip on your television. Watch a movie. Read a magazine. Do an internet search. The truth is there if you want to find it. Inter dimensional beings are very real and no, we are not alone in the Universe.

I am experienced with automatic writing, it is something that as a psychic, is very useful when typing up my readings. Automatic writing is when you connect directly to an entity, energy or spirit, and allow them to use your hands and write through you. It is basically a human ouija board but much safer and accurate.

Anyhow, a few years ago I was in a channeling session. I was trying to make contact with an energy from the 'Sirius' star system. I was familiar with the star system, as I have had experience with that energy before. In this session, I made contact with an entity name Zahar from the star system Sirius. It was then that I was made aware of Trump being elected, secret programs going on, secret societies with ill intent for what we know as the 'world'. Everything he said would happen - literally happened.

This wasn't too strange to me, because as a psychic I am familiar with predictions manifesting. The strange thing about this, was Zahar wasn't from this planet, and I was able to channel directly to him. This proved to me that what we hear in the movies about aliens coming to kill us is completely wrong. They are concerned for our planet, and know that we are our own worst enemies - not them.

What it all comes down to, is no, we are not alone in the Universe - and I feel that anybody that feels we are has been brain washed and needs to open up their minds a bit more.

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