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Are you on the right path? Here are some signs...

One of the many questions that I get asked each and every single day is if that specific person is on the right path in life or not. They aren't sure if what they are doing is the right thing, or if it is even worth it at all. I cover many things in my readings, and one of the things I look for is that specific life energy connection - the one that either connects or doesn't. This let's me know that they are doing the right thing, which therefore does correlate into the fact that they either are or aren't on the right path. In this article, I want to go into more detail on not only what a life path is, but also how you can know you are on yours, as well as a client story that can help you more relate to what it is I am talking about.

A life path ties into your strengths, your talents, and what it is you are the best at. We are all given talents for a reason, and that reason is to use them to better not only our lives, but the lives around us. This is what a life path is - and in each reading of mine, the first energies that I look for are the connections - the positive energies. This lets me know that not only the client is on the right path, but is also using their unique traits to the max.

I have to admit, I would say that about 50% of my clients are on that right path, and that is a great thing. It doesn't matter how old you are, we are all still learning each and every single day. We are all lead into different directions, lost at some turns. Trusting people that we don't even know. Expecting that trip to the top to be easy. Life is not that simple. The thing is - in my readings I let the client know what it takes to get back on that right track. It is never a one way street.

I want to tell you about a client of mine who's experience with her life path I feel can really put your life more into perspective, and to see that there isn't only one path for us. We all must realize that our unique traits, talents and abilities are what makes us 'us'.

Her name was Samantha - her friends and family called her Sammy. Sammy had a motivation, passion and drive towards the alternative lifestyle. She dreamed of having her own holistic shop so to speak. Incense, candles, crystals, cigarettes, pipes, skateboards - you name it - she wanted to offer it in her own shop.

For the time being, she was working at Walgreens in the liquor department. She hated her job, but she didn't feel there was any way out. She was stuck, which led to her reaching out to me. Her initial concern was that she felt her life was leading nowhere. She had three kids and two grandchildren at that point. She wanted a legacy - and felt it in her soul. She knew that this dream of hers was more than a dream - but her efforts led nowhere.

So upon connecting to her energy, the first thing that I did see was this smoke shop. I saw it vividly, and explained the colors of the shop, the items in the shop, and even the name of the shop to her. I went on to explain that this wouldn't be as hard for her to achieve as she thought it would be. There was this property coming into her life, this inheritance, and this would be something she would end up using to launch her empire.

She didn't believe me, and who could blame her. She was in her early 50's, nothing had ever succeeded for her. She was a cashier, at a dead end job. She wasn't close to her family, so this was really all just 'fluff' talk to her.

She had told me: 'Demetri, please don't sugar coat - I can take the bad news. Just tell me that I am on the wrong path, I can take it."

This really annoys me when clients tell me this, because what they don't understand is I do not control what comes through during a reading. I don't control how things happen, when they happen, or if they happen at all. I have to tell people each and every single day negative things. They aren't meant for each other. Their mother will die next spring. They will have a stroke at age 45. The list goes on and on - but I don't filter it out. Good is good. Bad is bad - but there is always a path.

If you are a new reader, one of the things you need to realize about me, my readings and my blog posts, is I do not filter anything. I make it as family friendly as I can - yet it is what it is - and I tell it how I see it.

So a few weeks went on - Sammy contacting me every single day - wondering why things aren't manifesting as I had seen them. I told her what I always had been telling her, which was to be patient. Stop obsessing and rushing things. Let nature happen. When it came down to it, on August 23rd of 2018 - an aunt of hers had passed away. One that she was not familiar with - and had left her with a significant amount of money and a property on a main street of a small country town.

This property would end up being the first smoke shop of many under her name, and she ended up thanking me and giving her the strength to just be patient and hang on. Energy is real, and just because you don't understand at the time how something may happen, doesn't mean it wont happen. I never lie during readings - and I get treated badly at times by people who want it to happen now. They blame me for 'lying' to them because it can't happen sooner. Yes, this hurts my feelings. It is something I am still getting used to. Yet it all comes down to the love and trust I have in myself - and the energy that comes through me.

We all have a path, and one way you can know you are on yours is that feeling of being satisfied in every single way. To be able to be comfortable with your own lifestyle. If you can look into your own heart and honestly tell yourself that you are happy in each and every single way, that is when you know you are on the right path.

Never think that it is going to be perfect - because it isn't. Yet you are a survivor. You are strong. You know your dreams, and you know what your heart wants. Never stop until you feel 'full' in every sense. That is when you know you have done it. You are on the right path. You have reached that point where you can be happy for the rest of your life. That is the path. Creativity. Adventure. Happiness. Love. Passion. These are all the signs, and never stop until you reach the top through your own eyes.

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