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Are you on the right path? Here are the signs.

Have you ever wondered whether or not you are on the right path in life? Let's face it, you don't really put a lot of thought into this when things are going well at all. It's something that crosses your mind when you are unsure - and the fact that you are unsure about it usually means there is something to change. I've been giving professional clairvoyant readings for many years now and have several thousand regular clients. I have learned that every single person thinks about their future. Every single person wonders if they are doing what they were born to do. We as a human species are very special. We have a natural intuition, we connect with the energies around us and we use that to guide us. Good feelings means we are going the right way usually whereas the bad uneasy feelings generally mean you're not. So in today's article I want to go more into the signs that you are on the right path.

The first sign that you're on the right path in life is the way what you're doing makes you feel. Sure, working takes a lot of energy and by the end of the week you're pretty tired. Yet how does it make you feel on the inside? Beyond being tired, is it completely draining and wiping you out? Do you feel like you constantly have to just push through and your heart just isn't in it? If these apply to you then you're probably on the wrong path. When you're on the right path in life it will not deplete all your energy. It's not going to be something you just hate doing. It's not going to be something you have to drag yourself to do everyday. Being on the right path will be much easier and your heart will be in it, even if you're tired at the end of the day it doesn't completely burn you out.

The second sign that you're on the right path in life is you do not have to sit and compromise your beliefs or morals for what you do. What you're doing is completely comfortable in your heart and you don't have to work around your ethics. Being on the wrong path you will find yourself feeling like you're perhaps a sellout or that you're just going through the motions. When you're on the right path you will never wonder if you're doing the right thing for you, you will just know. So if you're battling your ethics and morals with what you're doing then you're definitely not on the right path and you have some adjusting to do.

The third sign that you're on the right path in life is that you have general good health. The reason I say this is because when you're on the right path you don't have that high level of stress. You won't have that anxiety and constant worry. You will just know that what you're doing is what you're supposed to be doing, and with that comes smaller amounts of stress. Stress causes the brain to release a chemical that turns the blood acidic. Because of this you'll have higher blood pressure, higher stress levels, higher anxiety, hair loss, hypertension, depression, tension, headaches, insomnia, digestive issues and so much more. If you're path is causing you to be this stressed of course it's not the one you are meant to be on and you have to get this under control. Stress causes so many health issues, so find a path with less stress on it and you will see your health get better too.

The fourth sign that you're on the right path is the 'bad stress' levels are much lower. Sure, you may have a million things to do on your 'to do' list yet it doesn't intimidate you. You feel excited to do it, it doesn't burn you out, you find enjoyment in everything you have to do. When you're on the right path everything just feels better, more peaceful and it flows easier whereas when you're on the wrong path, everything will irritate you. Errands will seem a chore, work will seem like a burden so if these things are happening to you, then you're probably on the wrong path. Time to do some adjusting.

The fifth sign that you're on the right path in life is the time just flies by. You will dive into something and when you look up hours will have passed. This is common in people that are on the right path because nothing truly seems like just work. You find happiness in what you're doing. So much so it becomes something you actually want to be doing. Something you look forward to doing and if you are feeling this way you're definitely on your right path. Way to go!

The sixth sign you're on the right path in life is when it comes to decision making, it's just so much easier and effortless. When faced between two choices it's not hard for you to make the choice whereas when you're on the wrong path, choosing will become super stressful and it will leave you wondering for hours or days if you made the right choice or not. If you have to think that hard and put that much worry into a decision then odds are you are on the wrong path. When you're on the right path everything is just so much easier so pay attention to how you feel while you're working, that will let you know if you're on the right path or not.

The seventh sign that you're on the right path in life is you're motivated. You're naturally excited about the direction you're going and you aren't afraid to talk to people about it. Everything about the direction you're headed just makes your heart feel good. It's a sense of comfort that really just relaxes and excites you. When you're on the wrong path you're unsure of the direction you're headed. You find yourself worrying about it, and second guessing yourself. If you find yourself feeling unsettled about which way you're headed then you're on the wrong path. Find what excites you, find what encourages you to keep pushing because that's the path you need to be on, not one that brings you down.

The last sign that you're on the right path in life is you don't have to fight for success really. The universe just seems to provide what you need and everything starts aligning for you. When you have to fight tooth and nail just to get a little bit of success, when you find yourself struggling to achieve anything at all regardless of how hard you try then you need to relook at your situation because something's not right. When you're on the right path you don't have to struggle. It's like the Universe is on your side, like it's your personal friend helping you. When you're on the wrong path the Universe will let you know by making things hard, by throwing things off and making you struggle. We each have a path and it's special. No two paths are exactly the same so you have to find yours, because when you do life will suddenly change for the better and suddenly all that energy was worth it.

So, are you on the right path? Ultimately the path and choices you make are ones only you can decide. Hopefully after reading this article you have a more clear sight of the path you are on, and if it's the right one for you. Either way, you will always have my full support and I'll always be here to help when you need me. To each of you, please keep safe through these scary times. They won't be here forever. My heart is with each of you.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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