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Cheating: Is it happening to you?

The feeling of love can be one of the most blissful feelings we ever get to experience in life. There is nothing else like it. Love can take us to amazing places in life, however it can be the thing that shatters our hearts the worst as well. When we are in a relationship, we are giving a vulnerable piece of ourselves to our partner - we are handing them our hearts trusting them not to hurt us. When we are getting cheated on, there are always signs, or red flags to look for. Trust is important, however not always deserved. If you are being cheated on you deserve to know about it - and in this article, I will be covering the biggest red flags out there. If they are happening to you in your relationship - you definitely need to do something about it.

The first sign today that you are being cheated on is you start to realize an emotional distance growing between the two of you, and for no reason. Things are just feeling very cold and emotionless. It wasn't always this way, you two used to have a world of fun together, laughing, doing things together. Things used to be passionate - but not anymore. Things just aren't the way they used to be, and you can definitely feel it. This doesn't mean they are for sure cheating on you, but it is a good sign - one to be mindful of. Something is definitely going on if the emotions just aren't there anymore.

The second sign involves your intuition. It keeps telling you that they are being unfaithful. This isn't a good feeling, and is definitely a cancer to any relationship. If your instincts are telling you that they are cheating, then you already have a reason to be feeling that way. That trust is already broken, and sometimes that can be impossible to heal. Always trust your intuition, it is our built in lie detectors that often pick up on things like this before anything else. Pay attention to your feelings - if you feel they are having an affair, you need to tackle this issue head on before it get's worse.

The third sign today that you may be getting cheated on, is the fact that you two just don't spend as much time together like you used to. You used to sit together, watch movies, go out to eat, go on walks together - and now it is like someone turned that interest right off. They don't spend time with you as much as they used to and it makes you feel so unwanted, unattractive, and like you did something wrong - but you haven't. You don't really know why, but you are definitely noticing it. If this is happening to you then you need to get to the bottom of it, because this is in fact a red flag that you are being cheated on.

The fourth sign today is the fact that your partner tells you that they just don't have the time for you like they once did. This breaks your heart because it makes you feel like you aren't important at all. In a relationship, you should always be striving to spend as much time together - after all, if you love someone why wouldn't you want time with them? This is a sign of cheating, because if they don't have that time for you anymore - who are they giving that time to? It just doesn't make sense - you know they aren't busy so what is going on? You are probably being cheated on and it is time to do some investigating.

The fifth sign today that you are probably being cheated on is the fact that they suddenly are trying to encourage you to spend time with other people - then they use the excuse that if you are spending time with other people, then they can go right ahead and do it too. This is a common red flag in cheaters - they try to rationalize the fact they are cheating by twisting it around on you. People can be true snakes sometimes, I see it all the time, and they don't care who they hurt. Sexual urges can be too much for some people, which is what causes cheating, which turns to lying, which just spirals out of control. If your partner is all the sudden trying to get you to go spend time with other people, with no reason at all, you may in fact be getting cheated on.

The sixth sign today is your partner all the sudden has a very distinct change in their schedule. You are noticing that they are gone for longer amounts of time lately, with no excuse as to where they have been. They often use the excuse of 'running errands' or they are having car issues - I have literally heard every excuse in the book with my line of work, and sometimes it baffles my mind how stupid all of the excuses are. The fact is, if you have to cheat on someone - why be with them in the first place? Makes no sense. So if your partner all the sudden has a very obvious schedule change and is acting shady towards you, they are probably having an affair.

The seven sign today is the fact that there are huge chunks of time that your partner is being secretive about. They won't ever tell you where they have really been, and 'beat around the bush' so to speak about it. No matter how good of a liar they are, you know them. They are acting very strange, paranoid and you know something is going on. It is time to start looking into where they have really been, because if they are hiding something, odds are it isn't good, and they probably are cheating on you. There is never a reason to be secretive about your whereabouts in a relationship.

The last sign today that you are being cheated on is the fact your partner is very secretive with their computer use or phone usage. This is how most cheaters get caught. This goes hand in hand with the previous sign about being secretive. Most cheaters use the computer or their phone to contact the one they are having the affair with. Whether it is texting, calling, emailing, using an online hook-up website - no matter what it is they are for sure not going to want you to find out about it. So they are sketchy with their phones, and with their computers. They don't want you touching them. This is a huge red flag, and again, the most common way cheaters get caught. So if your partner is being really secretive about their internet and phone usage, I would definitely look into it further. Find out what they are hiding, because it is probably their affair.

I have seen many things in my life as a psychic therapist, and cheating is one that is the most common. Some relationships can get past that and move on together while most others can't. Personally, I wouldn't be able to stay in a relationship when cheating is involved. Intimacy is very special in a relationship, it is that one thing that stays private between just you and them. Once that trust is broken, and once they have actually cheated - it will usually always be repeated. If they had a cold enough heart to do that to you once, they will have no issue hurting you again. This of course is my opinion, yet I have seen it too many times and have the data to back that up. If you are being cheated on, of course the choice is yours whether or not the relationship is worth trying to save. So, if these signs apply to your relationship, you are probably getting cheated on. Don't let it happen to you again - there is always someone else out there that will treat you better, and be loyal to you.

Have you ever been cheated on? What did you do about it and what were your signs? Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family - let them know the signs just in case it is happening to them.

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