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Cheating: Signs it's happening to you

Let's face it, if you're reading this then odds are you probably already suspect that something is wrong in your relationship. You have already thought that you might be getting cheated on and we all have a natural intuition inside of us. It's something we are born with, and if your gut is telling you that he or she is having an affair, then it's probably right. It's best to always gather evidence first though because there is always a chance it's not happening, and accusations like this with no evidence can often destroy the trust in a relationship completely. Anyways, my point with this article is to give you some pretty solid signs that cheating is going on in your relationship and it's time to start looking deeper into it.

One of the most common signs that you're being cheated on is your partner suddenly starts eating healthier, suddenly starts exercising and this is way out of the normal, you've never known them to be this way. This could be because they are trying to appear nicer and more attractive for someone else. I mean, if your partner never wore perfume, never really cared if they smelled good and all the sudden they are walking around with Versace scent on them then that's a red flag. Are there reasons for this to be happening? Did they get a new job or are they going somewhere important? Or are they seeing someone behind your back. It's definitely worth looking into because that's just way out of the ordinary.

The second most common sign that you're being cheated on is your partner is very secretive and private with their phone use and their computer use. They start really cleaning their history, their text messages, they take their phone with them to the bathroom. They never required a password before on the computer or phone and now all the sudden they do. You ask to see their phone and they say no. These are all red flags because honestly, what's so important that they have to keep hiding? Sure, maybe it's a surprise birthday party or maybe they are keeping secret the fact they are seeing someone else or hooking up with someone else. These are causes for concern if you ask me.

Another sign you're being cheated on is your partner whom you can usually get ahold of no matter what suddenly starts becoming unavailable. Yeah, you hear every excuse in the book such as "I was in a dead zone" or "I was in a meeting" or things like this yet you know, your gut is already telling you he's cheating. You just feel it and now that they can't be reached when they usually can, you can pretty much guarantee that something is going on, and it's definitely something you have to talk to them about. Nobody deserves to feel unwanted, or taken for granted. You're not dumb, you know something is happening so it's time you look further into it.

The fourth sign that you're being cheated on is the sex is different in your relationship. Either you're having less of it, or you're having more of it - or it's just different. All the sudden they are trying different new positions, the emotion has left it and there are reasons for this. Having less intimacy is because they are focusing on someone else. Having more intimacy is to cover up the fact they are sleeping with someone else. Different new positions out of nowhere, either they are watching adult films or they are getting these moves from someone else. Either way, something is off here, it's worth investigating.

The fifth sign that you're being cheated on in your relationship is your partner is suddenly pretty hostile in the relationship and it's definitely noticeable. It wasn't always like this. Cheaters have a way of rationalizing their behavior. You'll be told that you aren't there for them, that you look different than you did when you got together, that they feel unappreciated, taken for granted, they will start criticising the way you look, you will feel like nothing you do is right in their eyes. These are all major signs that cheating is going on and no, that may not be what it means all the time, but if you're already feeling it and this is happening then odds are there is infidelity going on, and you definitely deserve better for sure.

The sixth sign that cheating is happening in your relationship is their schedule all the sudden starts changing. For example, you've always been the one to go to the store, it's just how it's always been yet all the sudden they start wanting to go to the store alone. Another example is they have never worked late, it's just never been something that was required now all the sudden they start working late out of nowhere, that just isn't right. Sometimes they might really be working late but come on, you know better than that. Another example is you're the one who always drives the car when you go places. That is just routine, yet all the sudden they are taking the car to go places without you - that's worth looking into because it sounds like something else is going on and you have to get to the bottom of it.

The last sign today that you are being cheated on is you used to be so close. You used to do everything together, you were basically one person yet they've pulled away. They started doing less with you. The emotion just isn't there anymore, the romance just isn't there anymore, and you just don't see that love in their eyes. Your gut is telling you they are pulling away and it just doesn't feel right. As mentioned earlier we all have an inner intuition, so listen to it. If the emotions are gone, the intimacy is gone, you don't do anything together anymore and you don't feel special, cheating could be happening to you.

Nobody deserves to be cheated on. Scratches, bruises - those things heal over time yet emotional pain never goes away. Often times you cheat once in a relationship and that's it, the trust is gone - the relationship is dead and it can't be revived. Sure, there are relationships that can make it through cheating, yet that takes a powerful type of strength to get through. The fact is you will never seem them the same way again because if they were able to hurt you so carelessly like that for sex, then they will do it again it's only a matter of time. So really think about the relationship, think about them, and realize you are worth more than to settle in life. There is always someone else out there that will treat you like the royalty you are so chin up. If you're being cheated on kick them out. Life will go on, you will find your happiness again I can promise and you have my full support. Have a beautiful week ahead.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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