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Common Dreams & Their Meanings

Every single person on Earth dreams, and sometimes those dreams can be very straight forward. For example, winning the lottery, visiting the beach, going on a jog. These are dreams that don't leave us confused. However there are other dreams, such as being in public with no clothes that can really leave us confused as to what they are really telling us. In today's article, I will be talking about some common dream themes that have been reported by countless people, from a variety of different cultures, as well as what they are telling you.

The first most common dream theme is being chased. This can really impact us because the dream is usually very vivid, stressful, frightening and it often can wake us up from a dead sleep. The fact that you are being chased is scary, true, yet you have to look at what is chasing you. Often times this means that you are running from something in life, such as a problem or issue, and it needs your attention. This dream is meant to get your attention, bring light to the issues in your life that you are running away from, and let you know that you need to stop running and face these issues.

The second most common dream theme is water. I experience this a lot, almost nightly, and the water is always a raging storm. It isn't this way for everyone. It can be a peaceful swimming pool, a pond, lake, bathtub - anything regarding water. Water represents our emotions and how we are feeling. Pay attention to the quality of the water. Is it muddy? Is it clear? Is it peaceful? Is it a raging storm? This represents your emotions, and depending on the quality of the water in your dream, it can mean it is time to really start focusing on yourself and the way you are feeling.

The third common dream theme has to do with vehicles. It doesn't matter if it is a car, a truck, a bike, a ship, an airplane or what - vehicles give us the power to transition from one place to another. Pay attention to which vehicle you are seeing. If it is a plane, it can mean your life is about to really take off. If the vehicle is a slow moving one, it means you feel your life isn't moving fast enough. If this car is taking you in the wrong direction, it means that you feel you aren't headed down the path you want to be on. All of these vehicles have a meaning, so pay attention to them, it can tell you a lot about which direction your life is headed, and what changes need to be made.

The fourth common dream theme involves people. Seeing people in our dreams can show us aspects about our own self that needs to be developed. For example, seeing a happily in love couple in our dreams can mean that is something we need to focus on in our life, or that we feel our relationship needs to be worked on. Seeing a lover cheat on us in our dreams can mean that we are insecure, and need to focus more on trust. The list can go on and on. Pay attention to the people in your dreams, it can show us things about our life that needs to be worked on.

The fifth most common dream theme that I have come across involves being in a classroom. This is one I hear about all the time, and there is a good reason for these dreams. You are often confronted with a test that you are not prepared to take, and are really stressed out about it. Well, the 'test' that you have in your dream is often a lesson that you need to learn from your past. Always pay attention to what is going on in this classroom, because this is your inner self telling you that this is something you either need to forgive from your past, heal from your past, or learn from your past.

The sixth common dream theme involves paralysis. Most people are unaware of the fact that real paralysis takes place in our sleep. It is our bodies way of protecting us from actually physically performing the tasks that we are dreaming of such as walking, cooking, jumping, running and things like that. So waking up and still being paralyzed partially is not uncommon at all. The brain just needs a little time to wake up. However, dreaming of being paralyzed often means that you are feeling stuck with a situation in your life. You feel like your life is at a standstill - and nothing is getting accomplished. It is your minds way of telling you that something requires your attention, and it needs to be resolved.

The seventh common dream theme is dreaming of death. Most people see this as scary, feeling it is predicting their own death, and they get freaked out. The fact is, death is not a negative thing to see in dreams, even though it is frightening. Seeing death in your dreams usually means that you are exiting out of a situation. It means that something is coming to an end in your life, which will allow a fresher energy to take it's place. It is a time of change. Seeing someone else die in your dream usually means you are at a crossroad with them, and it is most likely healthier to remove them from your life. Seeing them die in your dream means it is time to move on from them because it isn't a healthy relationship.

The last most common dream theme is being naked in public. This is one I have a lot, and it is humiliating. Usually this dream is accompanied with the inability to really move fast. You often are weak, so being naked in public not being able to move obviously is a dream that most people don't want to have. This means that you feel vulnerable, exposed, uncomfortable and unhappy with a situation in your life. You feel helpless and humiliated. This is your minds way of letting you know that even though you feel exposed and unhappy with the way things are going, you can always get out of the situation. Now that you have had this dream, it is time to start focusing on what it is that is making you feel exposed, and change it for the better, so you don't have to feel this way anymore.

Everyone has dreams, and dreams are an important tool for getting to know ourselves better. There are many more common dream themes, too many to list here, yet what it comes down to is your dreams do tell you things that you consciously are not aware of. By paying attention to them, you can make positive changes to your life. I hope that by reading these signs today, you can now have a better understanding of your dreams!

Are you having a weird dream? Let me know about it in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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