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Coronavirus: Effective ways to keep safe

This is truly a uniquely scary time in history. Nobody on Earth that is living right now has ever seen this type of pandemic before and it's only going to get worse before it gets better. There are millions of people not only in America, but around the world who are downplaying the coronavirus. They are still out partying, still out living their normal lives without even thinking about the consequences. While it's true that the virus isn't killing everyone who gets it, it's also true that it's way more contagious than the flu is. The best way to fight this pandemic is to boost your immune system and there are many natural ways to do it. What it comes down to is your willingness to take precautions.

The most effective way to stay safe right now is to stay home. Those of you who read my previous blog post a few weeks back predicting the current events will always have stocked up on your supplies. You can still shop - but how to do it safely is the problem. The number one way to shop right now for your supplies is on Amazon. Viruses can only live on cardboard boxes for a maximum of 24 hours. My family and I just spray the boxes with Lysol before opening them. We haven't left the house in quite awhile now to stay safe, yet still have access to shopping through Amazon, which is how I recommend it if you have to shop. Do not make physical contact with your delivery driver. Always spray it down or leave the box outside for 24 hours before bringing it in. Wash your hands no matter what, all the time.

As mentioned earlier, this virus is affecting those with weak immune systems or pre-existing conditions. An ancient way of boosting your immune system is by using a product called Moringa. It is a plant that has been used by natives forever, and as you know natives have powerful immune systems. My family and I personally use Moringa and haven't gotten sick at all. Another supplement that is almost equally as strong at boosting the immune system is called Organifi Gold. It uses turmeric and reishi as it's secret weapon. Organifi Gold has Antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects improve cell function and boost your immune system to help fight off sickness. Amazon has rapid delivery to all parts of the world and does not plan on closing during this pandemic. The opposite actually - they are hiring one hundred thousand workers currently so you can rest assured you will get your products fast in efforts to keep your family safe.

There are other ways to boost your immune system that don't require shopping. This is the more spiritual route so to speak. You sit in a chair with your feet planted flat on the floor. See roots shoot down from your feet deep within the Earth. Then see white light/energy coming up through these roots and filling your entire body/soul. See it putting up a shield around you that no virus can penetrate. This may sound dumb to a lot of you, yet you need to understand that your mind is very powerful, and energy is very real. Simple visualizations have powerful effects and the power of belief is incredibly strong. I've worked with this personally and I know it works, you just have to believe and do it daily. This doesn't mean you can be reckless. This doesn't mean you are free to roam around the city like you are immune. This still means you need to stay home and take safety precautions, it's just another layer of protection. Some people would rather use supplements while others would rather take the spiritual route which is why I've included both methods in this article - the rest is up to you.

Read books, play games, spend quality time with those you live with. Life has really trained us to always be on the go. To always be productive so staying at home and self-quarantining is going to feel impossible to millions of people. Take this time to get to know yourself again. Take some time at home to watch that movie you've been wanting to watch or take a nap for once. You can still be productive from home. If you are worried about making money during this hard time, join Fiverr and start selling something you're good at. There are many things you can do, you just have to be creative and motivated.

What it comes down to is regardless of some people's thoughts that this pandemic isn't going to get worse, or that it's hoax - it's very much real and it's going to get worse. If you have to do any shopping right now, Amazon has everything from food to hygiene to even water. Everything and it's safer than going to any store. Keep you and your family safe by implementing the advice in this article into your life. You alone can help the spread of Covid-19. My heart is with each and every single one of you. I'm wishing to you and those you love a purely safe month ahead.

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