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Coronavirus: The psychics prediction

In a world ran by social media it's hard to hide the truth these days. One persons secret is the next - then before you know it the world knows it. It's getting harder for our world governments to hide the truth from us, and to be honest this breakout has been seen for a long time by a variety of people. It's called biological warfare - some may say the silent world war three and we are only seeing the beginning. It's not fear mongering - it's called preparing and now is the time because it's going to get worse before it gets better. In this article today I want to give you guys a glimpse into what I am seeing. Being a professional psychic for over a decade now my regular clients already know what is to come, I've already told them and this isn't something to take lightly. I want to go more into the war side of it, and how this was planned, in my opinion, a long time ago.

Early on in 2020 there was a military operation involving not only the Chinese military, but also the military of many other countries. This military operation took place in China early 2020. It so happens that China has the one virus database in the world that contains the Coronavirus. It's already been studied to a deep level and what I have seen is it was released, quite intentionally, during this military practice that took place in China. It was meant to spread to not only the US military to bring back here, but also to every country. Within only one month after this military gathering there had already been over 2000 cases of active Novel Corvid-19 spreading. Why would they do this - some of you are asking. Well, it's a very deep subject. There is a lot of money to be made in war and let's get our facts straight. FEMA has been preparing for this for years upon years. Remember that frenzy that was going around a few years ago about FEMA camps popping up randomly with millions upon millions of caskets being delivered to them? What do you think they were preparing for?! This is exactly what they were preparing for - in my opinion the third world war would always be a biological type situation. The spreading of a virus that took out everyone who's immune system was low. Most Walmarts in the world will be turned into FEMA camps, they are already being switched in many places. Walmart says it's "plumbing issues" when employees say there has never been a plumbing problem. See video below:

This includes the old, the disabled and the sick. It's world population control and I know I'm going to get in trouble for saying this. I'm already monitored by big corporations and have already gotten in trouble for advising my clients not to invest in anything right now. Sure, stocks may have went up temporarily after the outbreak but it's fixing to plummet to levels it's ever been to, the worst in history. How is this profitable to world systems you may ask? Because if you take out the old and the weak you no longer have to provide social security payouts. You no longer have to deal life insurance payouts. You can raise the taxes, you can raise the price of living, you can raise international trade rates - there is money being made here. Who do you think gets paid when these billion dollar bills are passed to put in more research into a disease or virus they already have the cure to? It goes back into the world government and you'll never know why. That is hidden from you so do I feel this is all pre-designed? Absolutely I do and it doesn't stop here.

You need to have at least a two week to a month supply of food, medicines and day to day supplies in your home. I feel that a lot of the world at some point this year (2020) will be quarantined. I know that President Trump is telling us that there is nothing to worry about. That's not the truth, and to be honest I feel he himself will contract the virus - soon too. The facts are in my opinion that millions of people are going to be killed by this - and odds are you personally are going to know someone that will die from this virus. What do you do? You get a few weeks supply of food, water, toiletries, and cleaners. Stay home as much as you can....I mean - do you really need that Pepsi from the store or can you do without it? Stay home, work from home if you can - it's going to get much worse before it gets better.

Should I have said a lot of the things I've said in this article - yes. I should have because no matter what happens to me for telling you, you can prepare. You know why this is here, you know that it's not just a freak accident that this popped up. Once it's ran it's course, it will disappear for about ten year not resurfacing again on a large scale. Then it will pop back up and really devastate everything one last time before disappearing again. That's because it's engineered, it's not an ongoing virus like the cold or flu. Keep in mind everything I've said and know that you have what it takes to protect yourself, and now you know how it got here. Keep safe in this dark time, and know this virus won't be here forever ~

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Written by Demetri W. of the RVP Platform.

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