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Curses & Hexes: Is it happening to you?

From a string of bad luck, to complete failure at everything you do - there are many signs that one may have been cursed. From my experience, it doesn't matter if you believe in curses or not - they are real - and when one has been placed on you, it can ruin your whole life. In this post, I want to go over some of the signs that you have in fact had a curse or hex placed on you, and if more than three apply to you, odds are you have in fact been cursed.

The first sign I want to talk about today is the fact that you are finding strange things in and around your home, such as bones, talismans, rocks piled up - just anything out of the ordinary. Before a witch actually places a curse, they will use fear to get you all worked up to get you on edge. By making you afraid and nervous, the caster is able to open that door inside of you, which makes the curse that much more powerful. Another reason you may be finding these strange things around your home is because they themselves are the carrier of that curse. Putting that object in or around your home ensures the curses efficiency.

The second sign of a curse or hex I want to talk about today is finding weird symbols carved or painted on or around your home. There are many forms of magic, and talisman magic is one that is very effective. Some witches use talismans to place powerful curses and hexes on people. Finding these symbols around your home almost guarantees that you are are now one of the victims of this dark magic.

The third sign today is that you are noticing pictures going missing. These can be any pictures of you in them. Photos are said to contain a piece of our auric field in them. This is a very personal part of our energy that casters can use in ritual work. If you notice that your pictures are going missing, and bad things are happening to you, odds are that a witch probably took them, and you are now on the wrong end of a curse.

The fourth sign that I want to talk to you about today is the fact that your personal items such as jewelry or underwear have gone missing. When a powerful curse or hex is formed on a specific target, the caster will need a very personal item from the victim. This personal item has to be something that has sentimental value, because it contains their auric energy. So if these things are going missing around you, someone may be collecting them for a very specific purpose.

The fifth sign today is finding strange liquids around your home or on your doorstep. One powerful method of placing a curse or hex on someone involves the use of powerful potions. By spilling the potion on your doorstep or on your property, the curse is then invoked. This can be scary, and hard to get rid of. Be sure to use holy or blessed water when cleaning it up.

The sixth sign of being cursed or hexed is that you are experiencing random pain out of nowhere, and for no reason at all. Your energy and entire being is not only made up of spiritual energy, but also physical energy as well. A common trait in people that are cursed are these pains, because your energy matrix is being tampered with, causing physical pain. An example of this would be a voodoo doll. With voodoo practitioners, they use enchanted dolls to physically create pain on another person. So if this is happening to you, you may in fact be the victim of a curse or hex.

The seventh sign that I want to go over today is the fact that the plants in and around your home seem to be getting weaker or even start dying. You find that no matter what you do, such as watering them, fertilizing them, nurturing them - nothing seems to be panning out. You just can't save them. This is common with people or places that have been cursed. A curse or hex sends out a very low vibration. Plants and humans are a natural high vibration form of life, so when we are hit with extremely low vibrations such as curses, we get sick or even die unless the curse is reversed. So if your plants are dying for no reason, a curse may be lingering around.

The eighth sign of a curse is the fact that the animals around you suddenly start acting strange, weird, scared or even violent. Dogs will start barking at nothing, your birds will start flying around dramatically, cats may start hissing. Animals are sensitive to energies and the vibrations around them. Due to the fact that curses and evil spirits have an extreme low vibration, animals will feel them before we do, causing them to act out in ways they aren't known for acting out.

There are many other signs of a curse, all depending on what type of curse has been placed on you. For example, if someone has placed a curse on you to lose your hair, your hair will start thinning. For a hex to make an enemy gain weight, they will start gaining weight. This happened to me about six months ago, and was rather difficult to get rid of. The point is there are countless curses out there, and they come in as many different forms as the imagination can come up with. They are real. They can be powerful, and they can ruin our lives. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, if three or more of these apply to you, then odds are you have been cursed.

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Curses can be easy to get rid of in most cases. One method is to run a warm bath, and pour some salt into the water. Stir that water around, and lay in it. Envision a white light all around you, and the dark energy around you fading into that white light. While doing this in the warm salt water, you are not only cleansing yourself of that curse, but also protecting yourself from it re-attaching. There are countless ways to get rid of a curse, however this method is the one I find fastest and simplest.

Are you cursed? Tell others your story in the comment section below, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family, so they can be aware if they are cursed or not in the future as well.

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