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Deceased Loved Ones: Do they visit you?

Losing a loved one can be one of the hardest experiences we ever have to face in life. We have grown up knowing these people who have become a normal part of our lives, and the moment they pass away a huge piece of our life is just ripped away. Some of us never even get to say goodbye, or let them know how much we love them. They are just utterly gone. There are many reasons why a loved one comes back after death to visit us, and you don't even have to be a psychic or a medium to see the signs. In today's article, I will be going over some of the most common signs your loved one has returned in spirit to you.

This first sign is one I have talked about in other blog post's before, because from my experience it is the most common sign that your loved one's spirit is present. Phone calls. I had a client before whose mother had recently passed away, and she had her mother's cell phone in a drawer in her room. The battery was long dead at this point, and the service had already been cut off. She was sitting at work one evening, and her phone started ringing. She looked at the caller ID, and what she saw made the hair on her neck stand straight up. It was a call from her mothers phone...yet this was impossible. Her mother was dead, the phone was disconnected, and there literally was no way this could happen. She picked up the phone and there was nothing but static. So after work that day, she went home to check on the phone, and sure enough it was still in the sealed zip-lock bag in her top drawer untouched. She shrugged it off as just a glitch until it happened the next day. Only this time she was in her room, she could see the drawer, and the phone was still off. This was her mother's spirit reaching out to her, to let her know she was okay, and has passed on smoothly. So if this is happening to you, the spirit of your loved one is probably around.

Another sign that your deceased love one's spirit is around you is strange electronic activity. Everything has energy, and spirits are able to connect or communicate with us through it. Often times when a spirit is around, they will interfere with electronic devices because it is the simplest method for them to let us know they are in fact present. This can be things turning off or on, TV messing up, computer glitching, cell phone freezing up, light bulbs flickering - anything really. Spirits love to communicate with us using these methods. I had a spirit one time that I was able to get to turn off the light when the answer was no, and to leave the light on when the answer was yes. Spiritual investigators use electric based hardware all the time to contact spirits. There is a reason for this - spirits are a form of pure energy, so interfering with it is very simple to them. So if electronic devices are glitching out, freezing up, flickering - a loved one's spirit is probably trying to make contact! Start asking the spirit questions, ask the spirit to turn off the light for no, and on for yes as I used to do - you never know what amazing conversation you may have!

The third sign that your loved one's spirit has come back to you is the fact you hear their voice. This can be an audible voice, or a voice inside of your mind, which is most common. The reason for this is spirits no longer have a voice box - so creating audible sounds can be harder for most spirits. I had a client awhile ago whose son had committed suicide unexpectedly while off to college. This obviously broke the families heart. Nobody knew why he did it. He seemed so happy all the time, so eager to learn, so into his studies, he had a great social life. This just didn't make sense to anyone. He started hearing his son's voice in his mind, and he thought he was going crazy. His son was telling him things like he didn't kill himself, and it got to the point he was even having dreams about this. Naturally this didn't sit right with him. His wife had already died a few years before and this just was it, he couldn't take it anymore. However he investigated further, even though it was declared suicide. As it turns out, he was in fact murdered, and it was because of jealousy. He had the good grades, the good friends, the beautiful girlfriend - and he was killed for it. Thanks to the fact his son's spirit returned to him unsettled - it allowed him to finally get justice, and his son's spirit is now at peace.

The last sign that your deceased loved one's spirit is in fact still visiting you is you find yourself smelling their scent - and there is literally no source for it. You didn't spill anything, you didn't get new air freshener - but out of nowhere and out of the blue you just smell them. Whether it was their favorite perfume, cologne, or just the way they smelled - you are starting to smell it at times around you, and it reminds you so much of them. That is because this is their spirit, letting you know of their presence even after death. They want you to know they are around you, and they may even have a specific message for you.

There are many ways to contact their spirit, not all of them are safe. Of course you have your Ouija Board, which I would not recommend. It channels far too wide, and often times unpleasant entities come through as well, which can be almost impossible to get rid of. There is also meditation. When you are getting these signs, sit down somewhere in a relaxed position. See them in your mind, even call their names out loud. Ask them to give you their message, then mentally listen for a response. Sometimes this has to be repeated a few times, yet usually you will always get a mental message of some sort - this is them, and it is very special. You don't have to be a labeled psychic medium to do things like this - it is a gift we all have inside of us. Another way to receive their messages are through dreams. Before you go to bed at night have the clear mental visualization that you need to communicate with them. Ask the angels around you to bring them to you, to allow them to communicate with you. There are several different ways of spiritual communication, however if you are having these signs, you are probably being visited by the spirit of a deceased loved one. Try to reach out! You never know what amazing things you can learn!

Have you been contacted by your deceased loved one's spirit? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear about it. Don't forget to share this article with your friends and family! Have a great day.

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