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Demons: Are they haunting you?

Demon haunting's aren't your typical haunting's. We aren't talking about ghosts, spirits or poltergeists - we are talking about actual supernatural entities cast out of Heaven. They are usually known to possess people, however can also act in very much your typical haunting situation. Demons are violent, powerful, dark - however not impossible to get rid of. They are actually one of the rarer forms of haunting's but they do happen, and when they do - it can turn your life into a living Hell. In this article, I will be giving you some signs that you may in fact be experiencing a Demon haunting - and that it is time to call your local church for help.

The first sign that you are being haunted by a Demon is you will hear strange noises in your home. This has nothing to do with how the movies portray it - it isn't going to be chains, howling or whispers. No, this is going to be a deep disturbing growl - one unlike you have ever heard before and it scares the hell out of you. Demons also tend to make scratching sounds on the walls, stomping sounds, or be heard as a very harsh voice talking over your shoulder. Demons like to linger in dark hallways, dark closets or any dark dingy place that you may have in your home. If you are hearing this very specific growl in your home, and you know it isn't your dog, there is a big possibility you are dealing with a literal Demon.

The next sign of a demonic haunting is the fact your animals are acting very strange. It is no secret that animals can see the entities that we can't always see. When a demon is present, many weird things start happening to your animals. They will all of the sudden become terrified, squealing, violently barking and in most cases fall very ill for no reason. There was a story I heard once about a set of girls that were playing a ouija board together one night. The board very mysteriously mentioned their two dogs out of nowhere. The girls asked what it wants with their dogs, and the board replied "'ll see...". Not too long after that the two dogs could be heard screaming outside, and they turned out to have mysterious burns on both of them. So if this is happening to your animals in any way at all, there is probably a demon around.

The third sign that you may be experiencing a demonic haunting is the fact you are seeing mysterious shadows around. Sometimes they take a humanoid shape, other times they can appear like animal shadows - and they can also appear just as like a shadow blob so to speak. Back when I was going through a pretty bad demonic infestation in my home, I would see these shadows all the time. They had the scariest faces I had ever seen up to that point in my life. A lot of times they would be just peeking over my husband in bed looking at me. I would see another one that was sized like a 4 year old boy, only the arms were so long they reached the floor and sort of dragged as it was walking. I would see a shadow that was on the ceiling, it had about 8 arms and would always sit there watching me. I still see them out of the corner of my eye to this day. These are demons, and if it is happening to you, you probably have one or more living in your home with you.

Another sign of a demonic haunting has to do with your dreams and sleep paralysis. I am combining them both in this sign, because they both have to do with sleeping. Many people who are experiencing a demonic haunting report having excruciatingly scary dreams, only to be paired with waking up in a state of sleep paralysis - seeing these entities around them and not being able to move or scream at all. This is a huge sign of demonic activity because you are the most vulnerable in your sleep - they can effect you through your dreams. They feed off your fear and anger. So if you are experiencing these horrible dreams paired with sleep paralysis, you are probably being haunted by some sort of dark entity - most likely a demon.

The last sign that I want to talk about today that may signify you are being stalked by a demon is bad luck. Yes, we are all plagued by it from time to time - yet this is different. There seems to be a pattern behind it. Things that in no way shape or form should be going bad just are - and there is no visible end in sight. No matter what you do to avoid it - the bad things still happen. Demons like to attach to your energy - as mentioned earlier they feed off of this negative energy, it is what keeps them strong. They will in fact try to drain you any way they can. By causing all of these misfortunes around you, they are just getting stronger and stronger. If your bad luck is becoming more than just random coincidences, it is time to start thinking a bit deeper as to why it is happening to you - because this is a huge sign of a demonic parasite.

There are many more signs that I could talk about that would signify a demonic haunting, however these listed are the most common and powerful signs. One good way to get rid of a demon is to use blessed Holy Water. Sprinkle it at every door and window. Another way is to burn white sage throughout the house multiple times. This method usually takes more than one go around when dealing with a demon. The most common way is to have your house blessed. It doesn't have to be blessed by a Christian preacher if you are not a Christian. Demons are creatures of energy - it takes energy to fight them. Any house blessing helps, whether it is by a witch, a psychic, a religious leader, it all helps. When I have one around me that is trying to latch on to my energy, I see a white light in my mind, and I see it fully engulfing everything that I am, including my whole home. This is a healing energy - and it definitely repels those low vibrations such as demons.

So what it comes down to, is if these signs are happening around you - most likely you are being plagued by a demonic haunting, and it is time to take extra steps to not only protect you and your family, but to also prevent further damage that the demon will cause if it stays around. Your whole life will go to ruin - so always be mindful!

Have you ever been plagued by a demon? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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