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Do psychics have a perfect life?

A lot of people think psychics have perfect lives. That we know all of the answers, and bad things never happen to us. That couldn't be further from the truth. Genuine psychics are not all knowing. There are things that even we can't see. We have to focus on something in specific to see it's answer, it isn't just a sense of knowing everything. I have clients all the time that feel it is my responsibility to fix their lives. That it is my responsibility to answer unlimited amounts of questions for them. That it is my responsibility to be available around the clock to help them. In this article I wanted to talk about how psychics are people just like you are. We have problems too. We go through hardships. We have families, and while it is true that it is some of our choices to help you, we aren't required to. We do it out of choice, just like a good singer chooses to become famous in the public eye.

I have been psychic literally all of my life. My first memory was seeing letters in the sky formed by the clouds, I just can't recall what it said. I was born into a very hard life, a very imperfect one. I was ripped from my mother, father, brother and sister when I was only two years old. I went years being neglected, abused, malnourished, sold for drug money, beaten, ripped from everything I loved. As a result from the first 18 years of my life, I have several deep rooted issues from it. Being psychic isn't an easy path, and isn't one that most people choose. I had to learn to be strong, and I feel a lot of it happened for a reason. I faced a lot of hardships as an adult. Losing my son, having everything stolen from me, I had to start over in life several times, and have even died three times - being brought back after flat lining by a doctor. A lot of my intuition I had blocked out there for awhile, and I didn't listen to it. I went through a divorce even. Being a homosexual man in this world is taboo on it's own. Try being a known psychic, gay, married to a man, and a father all at the same time. A lot of people reject me for it, which is fine. Rejection is something I got used to at a very early age.

One of the things I am trying to get to here, is I do not have a perfect life. I have had to work very hard just to be where I am today, where I own my own home. I am married to my soulmate. I can wake up each day knowing I am loved. These are things I feel are very freeing in my life. I tried to push my psychic abilities away in my early 20's. I ran from them. I tried working as a regular truck driver, or a restaurant worker. I even worked at Walmart at one point. I just wanted to be normal, even though I knew deep down I was meant for so much more. Sometimes your path is chosen for you. My path was I was meant to be helping people on their journeys. I not only had the psychic ability to help them, but I also have the life experience too, having to be an adult at only 2 years old.

It is important to remember that yes, psychic abilities are useful tools, they can also be fun, but the person with the abilities is so much more than just a stereotypical psychic. We are people with likes, dislikes, cravings, bad days and so forth. We like music, food, we get tired, we get burned out - we are normal people too, we just have different gifts. I had a client get mad at me yesterday because I was out of the office. This is a long time client of mine. I have recently been adjusting my days off to see what works the best for me and my family, and I have come to the conclusion that Fridays and Saturdays are my full days off. At least for right now because that seems to be what is working the best. With each session, I let all clients know the updated hours, so they are aware, yet this client was down right mad. She told me that it was my responsibility to always be available. That it was my duty to answer questions no matter when they come in. She was treating me like an object, it was bothering me because here I am, working 120 hour weeks as it is already, only asking two days off, and I am not even being allowed to have that private time with my family.

I know that having this business is my choice, I love helping people, and the more people I help, the more at peace I am. I am only going to live so long, and I want to do the most good while I am here. There are boundaries though. I don't like being treated rude. I don't like it when clients feel I have to answer more questions than were ordered. That is like going into a store and wanting more than you can buy - it just isn't fair. I don't like it when clients feel like I am required to be anything other than myself. I don't control what comes through in a session, and some clients get down right upset when I don't tell them specifically what they want to hear. That is unethical and I do not lie in sessions ever. That is a quick way to ruin a business. Honesty always gets you further. I remember I had a client a few months ago that got mad at me because I wouldn't give him the lottery numbers. That is another unethical place I am unwilling to go to. Imagine if everyone who wanted winning lottery numbers got them? The lottery would go out of business. There are reasons some questions are not answered. So he persisted and persisted. I was like, okay, if you aren't going to stop asking this question, here is this specific set of numbers. You will win, and you need to play this certain day. So he played that day, and he did win - I had given him the numbers for a $6 winning ticket. When I am uncomfortable answering a question I will refuse to answer it. Yet if you persist, sometimes you just aren't going to like the answer.

What it comes down to, is I wanted to give you a deeper look at how hard it can be to be a psychic in the spotlight. How difficult it can be to maintain a personal life for me. Well now you know a little more about me, Demetri, and some things I have to go through. I run two successful full time psychic reading businesses, with over 3k five star ratings in only a year. I haven't got to this level by being inaccurate or unprofessional, yet sometimes being professional can be so hard. Some clients literally make me grind my teeth, just because I know before even starting the session sometimes that they just aren't going to like what I have to say. My career is like any other career. I want to be the best possible at it. I want to help as many people as I can, that is why not only do I work on Fiverr as the Raw Vegan Psychic, but I also launched this platform, the RVP Platform.

I feel that sometimes we all need to give the people around us a little more respect. Put ourselves in their shoes at times, and realize we are all humans. We all go through life's obstacles, and it is up to us to stick together. To support each other, to be a shoulder to cry on, to be that one that gives awesome advice. I am here as much as I can be, yet my family is important too, so I am trying to balance out work and home life. For now, I will be working Sunday through Thursday solid. I will be taking all day Friday and all day Saturday off to be with my adorable little family. You guys are always on my mind, don't get me wrong, and I do answer emails that come in even on my days off. Yet sessions need to be kept in normal working days. Thank you for understanding, I do love each one of you and I only want the best for you and your lives. So have a better day, you are a very special person.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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