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Drama: Calling out the liar

Today has been a rather frustrating day for me as a professional psychic. I have those days that I just want to hide my head under the blanket, and let me tell you, it has been one of those days. I wanted to write and talk about it, because after all, this is my blog and I like to use it as a sort of diary sometimes. You as the reader I feel need to know the things I go through. Whether I am your psychic, you are a subscriber, or you just happened to find this post by accident, we all love drama and this post will contain it. It isn't my goal to come across as unprofessional in any way. I chose to offer my gifts to the world to help it, yet we have all come across people that just can never be happy, no matter what. The type of people that will be miserable no matter how good things really are. So on that note, I will get right into this for you.

It is always my fear to get negative reviews. As a business owner, negative reviews can really impact the way we look to the public, especially when those reviews are not deserved. I have a client named Vinh who I have recently blocked from contacting me. His screen name on Fiverr is professortien. He originally got a business reading with me back in March of 2019 and originally didn't even want to provide a question. He said the question will be provided after the reading is completed. I let him know that is not the way it works, that he needed to let me know what to look into for him. So he proceeded with how he is starting a business, and wanted to know which people it would be best to start it with. That is what the whole session was about. It was completed, he let me know how spot on it was, let me know I was his favorite seller, and gave the five star. (Screenshot below)

All was fine and well. A few months had passed, and on May 21st he had returned for another session. This time he wanted to know about a girl named Thuan, and if they would be together. Basically what the future held for them, because he loved her very much. I let him know that they did in fact have an energy connection, and I felt he could expect a lot more to come with her. Of course there were more personal details, but I don't want to expose too personal of information about his case. My point in writing this blog today is to get it off my chest. I feel I was done very wrong, and instead of taking this too personal, I felt that by writing about it, I could turn that negative energy into a positive one.

Anyhow, he wanted to know how to approach things with her. His reading was pretty in depth, and he initially told me again that I was his favorite seller. He was happy with his session. This was on a Thursday. As most of you know, I am not in the office on Friday, yet the new clients may not know that. He had rejected his session because he wanted me to keep going, answering more questions, and did this for over half the day. I let him know I was out of the office, and that his session had been completed already the day before. This really set him off. He took offense that I was done answering questions in that session. He told me that I broke his heart, literally, those were his exact words. So he made up this story on how his love session was different than the session before, and gave me a one star rating. He had never gotten a love reading before. As you can see from the screenshot below, he only had ever got two sessions, one business and one love. There is no way his love session could be different than the one before because there was never one before. See below:

He then proceeded to reject his order four separate times, and I ended up telling him that I would cancel it, no problem. He then rejected the cancel, and told me that I hurt his feelings, and continued to ask more questions. His exact words were "You are my favorite seller on Fiverr. I truly apologize for any misunderstanding. Enjoy the rest of your time with your family." So that is that right? I figured it was over, so I re-delivered the session thinking nothing of it. I let him know that even though it was my days off, I didn't mind clarifying things for him, it is just that new questions needed to be in new sessions. That is how I have always conducted business for everyone. I wasn't trying to be an ass to him. He came to me very emotional already, and if telling him that I couldn't continue with that specific session anymore, that it was already complete broke his heart, then he obviously needs more help than a psychic can give. Here is the review he left me:

I chose not to publish this review on my platform simply because it is not true, however it can still be found on my Fiverr profile. He says he had a first love reading, yet I have already proved through the screenshot that never happened. There never was another love reading, so I am calling him out on that right now. As just explained, yes, I did offer to cancel the session yet what he refuses to mention in his review is that this was after we had already been going back and forth for a day and a half, on my day off. It is true, I don't control what comes through in a session, I doubt any genuine psychic can - that is what makes it such a unique experience for both the psychic and the client. It is true, energy is in fact a very fluid thing, and it is always changing. If you don't believe that then you shouldn't be getting a reading in the first place. It is funny that this man is saying my readings are more of a feel good session than it is accurate, because many of my long term clients will let you know I have had to give really bad news, many times. Readings are not always feel good trust me. There is death, injuries, sickness, let downs, and the list goes on and on.

What this man wanted me to do is tell him what he wanted to hear, along with having an unlimited amount of questions for me to answer. He says that other people say the same. That is fine, I personally haven't seen or heard this but everyone is entitled to their feelings. If being positive is wrong, then I will always be wrong. I cannot please everyone. I do not like being treated rude, and more than that I don't like being lied about. So I have posted this article today to put him on blast. The review is public, so I decided to publicly defend myself, with the screenshots to back me up. Now you all know that this review I got was not deserved, he clearly lied about having a previous love session, and has since been blocked from contacting me. I do not tolerate lying, and when I am lied about or to by a client, I have no hesitations on blocking them. I try to treat everyone with compassion. I try to treat everyone with understanding, love, loyalty, honesty - and I do deserve that same treatment back. I ended up taking the whole day off today after this happened - that is how much this bothered me. Then I had that voice inside of my soul tell me to write about it, explain it, put him on blast. It isn't revenge, it is explaining my side of it. Most of you know I tend to end up venting in my posts, so here I am again.

Treat people with respect guys. Don't lie - it doesn't get you anywhere. Treat others like you want to be treated. We all have feelings. Send out positivity, I promise you will get it back.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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