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Energy Vampire: Is one affecting you?

An energy vampire is a person that just drains you. While most people in life give energy, take energy and hence the world goes round - this person contributes absolutely nothing to you or your life. Is there someone in your life that just absolutely exhausts you? Is there a person in your life that you avoid completely because you already know they make you feel this way? Energy vampires look just like you and me. The only way to get them out of your life completely is to cut the connection between you, put them in your past and never look back. In this article, I will be giving you some signs that you have in fact met one, and they are going to continue to drain you until you cut that cord fully.

The first sign that you have an energy vampire in your life is they say things to you that should be a compliment, but you always feel like you just got smacked in the face. For example, "you look like Tyra Banks...only your forehead is too big" or "I love that new outfit! I could never buy clothes that big". No matter what, this compliment from them makes you feel worse about yourself! This is never going to change, this person has nothing to contribute to your life, and if you feel worse after being around them, they are an energy vampire and you need to get them out of your life for good.

Another sign that you have an energy vampire in your life is this person get's upset whenever you are receiving positive admiration. The main goal of an energy vampire is to make you feel small, to control and dominate over you. By you receiving positive energy from someone, they are losing that control over you. Shouldn't you feel good about your accomplishments? You would think so - but this person just can't have you succeeding. You really need to cut this person out of your life. You deserve to be appreciated, not controlled.

The third sign that you do in fact have a energy vampire in your life is this person literally has nothing nice to say about anyone they come in contact with, and they are always talking bad about people to you. You have finally come to the conclusion that they just hate everyone. This is a huge red flag of an energy vampire - because you have to think about this logically: if they are talking bad about everyone to you, then the odds are they are talking bad about you to other people. You don't deserve this - and it is really time to make a change. Energy vampires do not change, and they don't have anything to contribute to your life. You must stand your ground, stand up for your life, and surround yourself with uplifting people. It is time to remove them from your life - for good.

The fourth sign of an energy vampire is the fact they use love and sex as tools to get what they want. The energy vampire is a very cold heart - but very calculating at the same time. They see people as objects or robots to get what they want. They feel there literally is no other purpose for you but to do everything for them - and they use you in every way they can. When things start going wrong in their eyes, they will use your love for them against you - and you will find yourself doing each and every single thing they want. When you love someone, you will go above and beyond to make sure they are happy. So you give in - and this is wrong. You need to stand up for yourself because you don't deserve to be someone's slave. If they are using your love against you - they are an energy vampire and they need to hit the road without turning back.

The fifth sign you have an energy vampire in your life sucking your energy dry is the fact that they make you feel ugly, worthless, bad and meaningless. It has gotten to the point where you sit and wonder why they are even taking the time to be around you if you are so hideous. Why don't they just leave then if you are so bad? You have tried to leave, but each time you do they sit and scream at you for wanting to leave. You just can't win for losing - they are just never going to be happy with anything you do, and it doesn't make sense. This is a major red flag of an energy vampire. Always remember, they have nothing to contribute to your life or anyone else's - the odds of them changing are slim to none. All you can do is remove them from your life - no matter what they say or how much they want to make you out to be the bad guy. They don't love you - they just need someone to control - and until you realize this, they will always do it. They need to pack up their things and leave for good.

Another sign of the energy vampire is they make sure no matter what it is you do - they are going to let you know that you have done wrong. They are always the first person to point it out, and this is not just a one time thing - this is daily. They never focus on anything good you do or are even capable of doing. They don't let it go either - no matter what it is always brought back up to you. You would think this would change over time, but it hasn't. You love them, there is no doubt about it, and this is why you have kept them around so long. It has come time that you stand up for yourself. You don't deserve to be told you are bad all the time, and your flaws don't need to keep being pointed out. How are you supposed to be a more positive person when only the bad things are focused on? This isn't fair to you or your life - it is only holding you back. This person is an energy vampire and it will come down to either putting up with it for the rest of your life, or removing them from your life in order to really live the life you deserve. You won't find happiness with this person.

I get asked a lot - can energy vampires change? My answer is I don't feel it is ever impossible for someone to change, I have just never seen someone that has these signs change. They may say they are going to change, they promise you the world, they have the greatest speech and even real tears. They aren't afraid of losing you because they love you, they are afraid of losing you because you are their slave basically, in every way, and by losing you they are losing everything you do for them as well. Whether this is a relationship, a family member, a friend - you can't let it go on anymore. If you can't cut them out of your life completely, you can put distance between you two. You will notice this person is an energy vampire when you feel better every time they are not around. So do what is best for yourself - stand up for your life because you are an amazing person - and live your life to it's fullest. The first step is getting them out of your life.

Do you have an energy vampire in your life? Have I missed some signs today in this article? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family - maybe they need to see the signs too!

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