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Family Curses: Are they real?

Actual image of Demetri and siblings.

The legend of family curses, otherwise known as blood curses or generational curses have been around for as long as time itself. Some families just experience things beyond the normal realm of coincidence. Famous examples of family curses include the Kennedy family, the Getty family, the Onnasis family, the Nepalese royal family and the list goes on and on. For example, the Kennedy family curse began in 1994 with Joseph Kennedy Jr.'s death during WWII, and has continued all the way up to the present day. President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert were assassinated, David Kennedy died of a serious drug overdose, JFK Jr. died in a plane crash, and Mary Kennedy committed suicide. The worst part? That isn't even the whole list. In today's article I want to go more into blood curses and give a personal example from my own family.

As some of my readers will already know, I was taken from my biological parents when I was only two years old being raised in foster care. I lived my whole life not having parents, and being separated from my biological brother and sister as a toddler I never had a normal sense of what a family should be. Well, this year has been a life changing year for me. Back in May of 2019 I reached out to my biological sister who is in prison as you guys know. We have been in constant communication with the exception of the past few weeks. We had a misunderstanding but like all families we will heal from it. Right around that time I reached out to my biological brother who I have been in contact with and it doesn't stop there either. Out of nowhere last week I got a message on Facebook. It was from a woman I will call Les in this article to protect her identity. She had arranged a DNA test with my biological father in efforts to find me. Apparently he had been trying to find me for over 30 years. Yes - this is Jerry Springer material.

As it turns out, when I was two years old, my biological uncle (my dads brother) had helped my mother steal me and my siblings from him. My uncle had signed court papers pretending to be my father in order to adopt me out just to spite my father. It took thirty years before any of this surfaced and it happened quite by accident - or was it fate? Long story short my father and I are now in constant communication, building this relationship from the ground up. I had sent him a copy of a court paper I had from the actual adoption process back in the 90's. I had always thought my father was named James Rob***on because that is who signed the paper as my father to consent my adoption. Turns out that is my uncle who pretended to be my father and my real dad didn't know! It was his own brother and after 30 years he kept it a secret. My dad never knew. So after finding this out we are in the process of suing the state of Arizona for allowing this to happen. It literally ruined four separate peoples life. We want justice. However the topic of this article is blood curses so let me dive a bit deeper here for you.

I was stolen from my father when I was two years old. My son was stolen from me when he was two years old. My sisters son was stolen from her when she was two years old. One of my aunts was separated from her siblings when she was two years old. My father died three separate times when he was two years old. My other aunt went through her private traumas when she was two years old. I am sure as I keep digging more will surface but the fact here is there is a blood curse. Turns out everyone in my family has gifts of some sort. My one aunt is a sensitive. My other aunt has spiritual gifts. My dad has a strong aura others can feel. My sister is intuitive. I have my certain gifts. It makes me really think hard and focus because this is all too much to be coincidence. I've always felt something around me, like a dark energy that was watching me. It's been around me my whole life and I was talking to my aunt about it earlier today, she says she's felt the same thing around her too. This is definitely a family thing and there has to be a way to break the curse.

Everyone in my family that I talk to about this agrees - they've always knew it was a curse too and we all agree we will break it. We just have to come together to find a way. Our first step is to find justice for the extreme family betrayal - my uncle helping my mom steal me and my siblings from the father who always loved us. It all starts here. You see the picture at the top of this article? It's a real picture of me, my brother and sister - me being the baby in the middle. Once upon a time we were happy - once upon a time we were safe. My second birthday took that all away from us. The curse had been activated for us so my honest opinion is curses are real. Absolutely - and family curses have been reported throughout history. Scary but true.

What do you think about family curses? Is there one on your family? Let others know in the comments and remember, even though curses are real there is always a way to break them. Talk with your family and find the solution that works best for you.

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