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For those who don't believe in psychics...

It was February 9th, of 2009, and I had received a client request for a reading. Nick didn't have a good feeling about a trip he was about to make. Something about it just seemed off to him. He lived in New Jersey USA and had a plan to visit his family in Buffalo New York in the next few days...he even had a flight planned for it (Colgan Air Flight 3407).

He had come to me because this is something he did with his family every single year. He loved it - yet in the recent years he had become more busy with his career. He really wanted to see his mother. She had early onset Alzheimer disease, and every moment was precious. Yet something wasn't right this year. He could feel it, and he asked me what this energy was - why he was feeling the way he was feeling. This was all new to him.

So I connected to his energy and I immediately saw red flags. I knew this was a disaster waiting to happen. One may ask: why didn't you call to report what you saw? The answer is I have done this in the past. They don't listen to me. I have even had companies take me to court because of the things I see. They don't win the cases - I can't control what I see, and when I try to report the big things, such as the Hawaii volcano eruption that I did report, nobody listens.

Anyhow. I told Nick not to get on the plane. It turns out that the plane ended up crashing not only killing all on board it, but also killing one of the people in the home that it crashed into. Nick was baffled - to this day he sends me holiday cards every year, thanking me. His mother ended up passing away. Her lungs just forgot how to work and she passed away in her sleep. Yet he was able to spend one last Christmas with her all thanks to the fact he never got on that plane.

Another client of mine was named St. Clair. He had a dangerous job, and had been feeling like something was a little off. This was March of 2018. He had come to me one morning telling me that he had a strange dream of him falling. He worked construction, and was currently working on a railway system. It was a lucrative job - and his girlfriend who was a few months pregnant was proud of him. They needed the money.

So when he came to me about this strange dream - I connected and immediately told him to not go to work. When I connected to his energy, I saw him working on a railway line - it was multi storied and I saw him falling through it. I saw that it all came down to one little screw. St. Clair was a heavy set man weighing at least 300 pounds - so upon seeing that one screw give out I immediately told him to just stay at home. This was not worth it - he had seen his own death.

Being in a very tough situation financially, and having a baby on the way - St. Clair had decided to go to work anyways. It was March 20th of 2018. St. Clair went to work even though I told him not to. He was up on a multi storied rail track. One screw gave out - he fell to his death - landing face down. I later read about it in the news. This is exactly what I told him would happen.

People are skeptical of psychics - and I understand why. There are so many fakes that it makes me sick. But what also makes me sick is when there is someone like me - real, genuine, accurate and caring - when I tell you something bad is going to happen you need to listen to me. In both of the situations I told you about today, which can be verified if you research them, it was a case of life or death. Nick listened to me. He didn't get on the plane - and he lived when everyone on that plane died. St. Clair didn't listen to me. I told him not to go to work - he did anyways. Unfortunately he passed away.

Still don't believe in psychics? If not, then I don't think you ever will. I don't like seeing what I see sometimes - but it does save lives .. if you are willing to listen.

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