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Genuine Psychic: Are you one?

Have you ever knew something that just seemed impossible? For example, someone popping into your head then all the sudden they call or you have the feelings of just already knowing what is going to happen only for it to literally happen. The truth is we all have abilities to some extent and there are countless different types of abilities a person can have. It is my goal with today's article to provide to you signs that you in fact are a natural born psychic. If you don't feel like reading through this article then jump to the bottom of the article where I've put together a video with the signs.

Diving straight into this article, the first definite sign that you are psychic is you keep having dreams that come true. It's not just one or two, you've found it's happened your whole life really and you know there is just something real about it. This is the first sign because it's what clients have told me more frequently than other signs. If this is happening to you then you're a psychic.

Another sign that you're a natural born psychic is you're pulled to things like crystals, tarot cards, witchcraft or alternative areas most people would consider taboo. You've always just been interested in them, you've dabbled around with them and it's weird because nobody else in your family is really into them. You're the only one and you don't see this ever changing. This is a huge sign that you're psychic because we are all pulled to the areas we're meant to be pulled to as it all happens for a reason. You're being pulled to this because you're a natural psychic and it's something to really be proud of.

The third sign that you're a psychic is you experience deja vu - it happens a lot to you and has your entire lifetime. Sometimes it's so strong that you can literally tell someone what is about to happen. In french deja vu means already seen, so if it's happening to you then you're a natural born psychic so develop it. Intuition is like a muscle. You have to work it out for it to get stronger. There is a book that I love called Psychic Development for Beginners - I've read it several times because it's techniques are simply effective so I would suggest you getting it too!

Another sign you're psychic is you are an empath. What that means is you're very sensitive to others feelings, to their emotions and to all things negative. You find that you'd rather not be in a large group or in a crowded place. The energy is just too strong and it freaks you out. Other people notice you've been withdrawn too, and you can't help it. Your anxiety sky rockets in public because you really can feel the energy around you. Being an empath is a huge sign that you're psychic.

The fifth sign that you're a natural born psychic is you have these strong sense of knowing something is going to happen only for it to actually happen. You have the knowing in your 'gut' that something is going to happen and it does. This means you're precognitive - seeing things before they happen and it's not always a fun gift to have. Being able to do this myself I can say that not all premonitions are good ones. Sometimes they are scary because they reveal bad things that are going to happen yet we have to realize it all happens for a reason. Trying to change the future only makes things worse because everything happens when it is supposed to happen. For example, one time I saw an automobile accident happening involving one of my clients and I informed her of it during her session. She did in fact avoid that specific collision only to have another one the same day. She was supposed to be in one for some reason so knowing the future doesn't always mean you can change it.

The sixth sign today that you're a psychic is you have extra strong senses. Telepaths, mediums, precogs and such all have finely tuned senses such as you can hear even the faintest of noises. Another example is you have super sensitive sense of smell, hearing and sight. Your mind is just super strong and sharp. This is a major sign that you're naturally a psychic because the senses all work together, and yours are stronger than most other peoples. You can see things they can't whether in the corner of your eye or just anything really. Your senses are extra strong which probably means the intuition is definitely there too.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, everyone has gifts to some extent as we're all born with them. Sometimes we just push them out as children so we grow up never developing them while others tune into it at a very young age. These end up being the psychics other psychics go to for readings such as myself so just exercise it. Use it, open yourself up and see your true potential. Now during the pandemic is a perfect time to start harnessing your own powers so do it today. You will surprise yourself with your strength.

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Written by Demetri W. of the RVP Platform.

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