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Giving Up: It doesn't mean you've lost

These days you always hear people saying that giving up means you've lost. That giving up is a bad thing and it means you're lazy. I have to disagree with that. I feel the complete opposite actually - I feel that knowing when to give up means you've won. Knowing when to say no and stop before either you or what you are doing has a chance to dig a bigger hole that will be impossible to get out of later. Knowing when to give up and being strong enough to do it is important and it doesn't mean you are lazy at all. It means you are smart and in this article today I want to go much deeper into this topic. Those of my regular readers know I've had a lot of change going on, so I want to give you my personal example as to why I chose to write on this topic in the first place. Nobodies life's are perfect, but if we learn from our experiences I can promise we will always come out stronger.

We live in a world that judges you. It seems like no matter what we do, it will be under someone's microscope making being ourselves harder and harder with each new day. Our failures become the topic of others conversations to the point the good we do doesn't even seem to get noticed. It's sad, but it happens to us all. It becomes hard to keep strong and push through - we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. For example, most of you already know I had started a new business back in January named Blashr. I tried so hard to do it in such a rush that the actual website coding got messed up, and it screwed up the whole system. It was supposed to be a freelancer marketplace, one that is similar to Fiverr but offered more features. I hired a website development company without even listening to my own intuition and it turns out they sold me a software that stopped being updated way back in 2017. I paid for it, had it installed on a domain and it was running for a few weeks getting hundreds of new members. It took an expensive mistake to learn that the coding was messed up so I had to give up. It was irreparable - I would have had to have a completely new code written.

Having a large following I knew that I was being watched through a microscope, that if I shut this down it was really going to put a dent in my reputation but if I kept it open it would have caused possible legal issues down the road. I was in a hard spot - but I gave up, I shut it down. I was called a failure by many people, and I feel that I let down hundreds of people. It was a fast growing website but fortunately I caught the mistake early enough along that I didn't really catch too much slack. The bad thing is to this day I lost clients over that whole situation. They were saying I should have seen that coming but you guys have to realize we are all human. When we get excited about something or have a vision that we get thrilled about we tend to want to make it happen sooner. I tell my clients all the time that not having patience tends to ruin the bigger picture - look what happened to me. I didn't follow my own advice and I ruined it. This just goes to show that we all make mistakes, we all have human emotion and giving up doesn't mean you've lost. Even though I am still criticized by it I am my own biggest critic. It is okay for people to give up. There are lessons in everything and I personally feel that being smart enough to know when to give up makes you that much bigger of a person.

It is so easy for people to bully others when they sit behind their phones or their computer screens. It's so easy for people to point their fingers but you know what? The only reason they do this is because they are unhappy with their own life's. The only reason bullies are bullies is because there is something they admire or see in you that they don't see in themselves. Karma is real - no matter what you do the energy you send out comes back. When you are trying to help others or do good, that comes back to you. When you judge others there will always be ten more people judging you back in return. Life is a cycle. Don't judge people for giving up - look at why they gave up if it is even any of your business in the first place. I shut down my business Blashr, it's true. It was a learning experience for me and now I know I can't do huge things like that on my own. It takes a team, it takes education. Being psychic is one thing but being trained in coding is a completely other thing so we all fit in where we can. I love that I have this website, the RVP Platform to not only let you guys see into my life, but to also let you know that everyone has their own issues that they face. Everyone has obstacles - it is the person that says their life is perfect that is the true liar in the world.

Giving up doesn't mean you've failed, and it doesn't mean that you've lost. It only means your path took a different direction and you are smart enough to jump out of that hole before it gets deeper. So in a world that we are surrounded by bullies in, be the one who supports others. Be the one who understands others and be the one who lifts up, not pushes down. We all have our place and sometimes it takes making mistakes to build a better world around you.

I will leave you with this thought: If everything happens for a reason is anything really a mistake? Have a peaceful week ahead ~ Demetri W.

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