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Have you been cursed? Here are the signs.

We all have bad days and negative phases in our life, yet how do you know if you are legitimately cursed? The truth is it's not easy to tell. Curses are very real and are more common than one would think. The first thing you have to do is open up your mind to really ponder on who would want to curse you. If someone comes into your mind right away then you already have reason to feel it's been done. For example, someone who you thought was your friend yet turned out to be a snake, someone who lies about you, someone who always wants to appear like the victim so they bad talk you in efforts to raise themselves up - the reasons can go on and on. People can be surprisingly evil. In this article I'm going to go over some solid signs to look out for if you feel you've been cursed.

The first sign you've literally had a curse cast on you is you have a sudden burst of unfortunate events or bad luck in your life. Things just start going wrong and it's affecting your whole world. Everything from stubbing your toe, to dropping things, to getting in a wreck, to getting sick and so forth - it's all going wrong. This is a solid way to tell if you're cursed and if it's happening to you all the sudden then odds are someone has cast one on you.

The next sign that you've had a curse thrown your way is you are just drained all the time to the point even sleep doesn't satisfy that tiredness. This includes mentally, emotionally, physically and so on - you are just drained, literally exhausted and it came from out of nowhere. Each day it feels you just get a little more tired - you started taking naps, you find yourself zoning out more and more and it's just not a happy time in your life. This is another strong sign of a curse because those low vibrations pull you down in every way.

The third sign that you've been cursed is you are having sudden financial difficulties. This is unlike you - you've always been really careful and mindful about what you spend yet lately the bank account is going empty, money just seems to go before it ever even makes it to you. You work hard, you think you are saving up yet when you check your accounts there never seems to be enough to get everything done. This is a classic sign of a curse because the caster in no way wants you to be happy, draining you financially will for sure cause chaos in your life.

The fourth sign that you've been cursed is you started having very vivid and scary nightmares. You usually don't have them yet lately they have been constant - every night. Nightmares are common when you've been cursed because those dark spirits are pushed to you and they feed on fear. Causing you nightmares definitely can cause huge amounts of raw fear so it's another classic sign someone has cursed you. It's not fair, but it's very real.

Another sign of a curse is you've been having sleep paralysis at least a few nights in a row. Sleep paralysis is when your mind is wide awake, yet your body is still asleep so it puts you into an 'in between' place where you usually see an entity, orbs or something similar. It's a truly terrifying experience and much like nightmares, the beings feed on the fear so if this is happening to you odds are you've been cursed.

The sixth sign you've been cursed is you've really been having depressing or even suicidal thoughts in your mind. This is unlike you and it's not your personality at all. For some reason though, you can't seem to shake these thoughts and they just really start building up. This is a common sign in a real curse because the whole point of the curse usually is to ruin your life, to knock you down and make you miserable. If you're generally a positive person and all the sudden the dark thoughts have been pounding your mind when there is no obvious reason for it, you've been cursed.

The seventh sign that you've been cursed is your family and friends start distancing themselves from you for no reason. There was no fight, you did nothing wrong and this literally just seems very random. This is a common sign in being cursed because the curser wants to get you alone, they want to seclude you and make you feel less than wanted. People can curse for countless different reasons such as anger, jealousy, because you wronged them and so on. Curses are real and if you find people are distancing themselves from you for no reason you've probably had one placed on you.

The eighth sign of a curse is you have this constant sense of anxiety - there is no reason for it either. You just feel a sense of impending doom all the time and it's ruining your life. Nothing bad has happened, nothing is really going wrong in your life yet you just feel the sense of anxiety nonstop.

I can go on and on as there are many more signs of being cursed such as sudden loss of family members, disappearance of pets, poltergeist activity in your home or at work. The list is long yet if any of these things are happening to you then odds are you've probably been cursed. While curses can ruin a life there is always a way to get rid of them. White sage is very effective. Dragons Blood oil is effective. Quartz crystal pieces help pull out that dark energy. Salt baths are extremely potent so know that even if you are cursed, it's not over and you can get your life back. Take it one day at a time, and most importantly know you're not alone. You are getting through this and I will be here on RVP if you ever need someone to talk to.

Keep safe and remember karma is real. What you send out comes back to you always so keep positive.

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Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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