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Have you found the real you?

Let's all face it: life is tough. We are thrown into a shark tank basically when we are adults, having to eat to live, having to work so hard just to supply for yourself much less anyone else, and often times along the way we lose track of who we really are, or did you ever really know yourself to begin with? It isn't easy finding the real you, putting aside the responsibilities of life, and how do you even know if you've achieved it? In this post today I really felt pulled to talk about finding ourselves. It is important to not go through life making the same robotic moves, day in and day out, forgetting to take time to do something you want to do, opposed to the things you feel you have to do. There is a big difference.

When you are on the wrong path in life you can always feel it. It is that nagging feeling that mentally just holds you back, you can feel something is off but you can't put your finger on it. We all have a natural intuition, and this feeling is yours letting you know you aren't living your full potential, you haven't found your purpose yet, and having said that, it means you haven't found the real you. If you had, you wouldn't be feeling this way. You may have that idea in your mind of what you want your life to be, you can see it, but if something truly means that much to you and pulls you that hard, it means that is the path you need to be on, and until you are on it, you will never be all that you can be, you won't be the real you.

There are many reasons we may be on the wrong path, unlimited circumstances that may have forced us into just 'settling' instead of reaching for our dreams. Dreams are there for a reason, it is the universe's subtle way of giving us a map in life. The universe's gift to all of us is that natural intuition. We can either shut it off, ignore it, or use it. Intuition paired with that dream of yours, your life's map, you can achieve anything. Dreams are always there because they are possible, they are our destiny, and you won't ever really feel complete unless you at least try to reach them. By doing this, you are growing into yourself, the real you, that person who isn't afraid of what other people think. This is your life, it is your responsibility to do the most with it.

Some things that may hold us back are finances, fears, insecurities or other obstacles that are in us all at one point in our lives. You can either let fears and insecurities stop you, or you can let them motivate you to be the best 'you' possible. Finances are a huge setback, but when there is a dream, there is always a way. Most people have to really work hard, save a lot of money for a long time, and really wait a long time to reach for their dreams. Yet the difference between them and the people that never succeed are at least they try. Always reach and leap for the stars, because at least you are getting somewhere. You may land some place completely different. You may find a new passion along the way. Everything happens for a reason. One path may lead to another. Yet if you just stand there, living like a robot, settling in life instead of reaching, then you will never get as far. Finding the real you is everything.

When you find the real you, when you are on that right path, you will always feel more complete. That part of you that you didn't know was missing is all the sudden filled. You have that natural motivation and drive again, suddenly the world seems less dark and even though not everything will make sense, you are willing to take risks again. That passion is back, and all the sudden you have purpose. This is what happens when you find the real you. We all make mistakes, and the person that says they are perfect is lying. Each day we learn, we grow, we experience new experiences, and it is up to us to learn from them, or to let them roll off our shoulders. The most successful people in life have all felt lost at one point. All have experienced setbacks. All have been rejected. Most have been married a few times. Successful people have fought tooth and nail never giving up. So to find the real you, sit back and think about the things that give you motivation in life. The things that inspire you and interest you. Think about what it is you want to sincerely accomplish in life - and go for it. The only person that truly holds you back from reaching your dreams is yourself.

As long as you can believe in yourself and have that dream in your mind, then you are on the path to really being the best you can be, becoming the best you possible. To find the real you, look in your heart without outside influence. You are the best you possible, so be yourself. See your dreams and reach for them. Always listen to your natural intuition, because as mentioned earlier, that paired with your dreams is your road map for success!

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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