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Heaven & Hell: Are they real?

The concept of heaven and hell goes back as far as recorded history. It is different for every culture - yet one thing stays the same. One is good, one is bad. In this article, I want to give you guys my opinion on heaven and hell. It is always important to keep an open mind. Learn as much as you can. Never come to a stern set belief without learning about other beliefs. It is only your heart that will tell you what is true to you. Truth is in the eyes of the beholder - we each have our own.

Heaven and hell have always been depicted in very black and white ways. Good people go to heaven. Bad people go to hell. Those who are stuck in between go into a limbo type universe. That is how Christianity along with other major mainstream religions teach it. To a certain extent, I agree.

I am not a Christian, but I am spiritual. I do believe there is a place of a higher vibration that pure souls go to after they leave their bodies. This is a place of pure energy, pure positive energy and vibrations that only the more pure can get into. A place of goodness, happiness, peacefulness, no regret. I have never believed that you are given a specific set of laws to follow and if you break one, you need to immediately 'beg' for forgiveness or you will be condemned to eternal fire. For an all loving God to say these things - it sort of takes out the loving part right? If my child was to make a mistake, I could never condemn him to eternal darkness. So that is where I disagree with Christianity. I don't want to get too much into my religion beliefs - I feel to each person it is rather personal. A lot of my fans, readers and clients have a different way of believing than I do, and that is just fine. I just don't want to upset anyone by going into my full beliefs. It is too deep to go into in one post, and relatively personal, so I want to more stick with just the 'heaven and hell' aspects in this post.

Anyhow, so that is how I feel about what people call 'Heaven'. A place of pure high vibrational energy that only the spirits with no regret and hatred in their hearts can get into. Hatred, anger, sorrow, depression, sadness and regret are the lowest vibrational types of energy out there. So when you are consumed in them, it will automatically take your spirit down a few notches, which is where in my opinion the stereotypical 'hell' comes into place. Hell is a place of low vibrations, which is why we hear of demons, dark angels, and even the devil himself ruling over it. There is no literal fire and brimstone. They are metaphors referring to these low vibrational emotions that I was just speaking of. These types of spirits go to this lower vibrational reality so to speak. No, they are not trapped there. The only thing that traps them their is their regrets, and negativity. They can change, and once their energy becomes a higher vibration again, their spirits do leave that place of darkness. Darkness referring to a state of mind, not a physical place.

So you see, heaven and hell are real in a sense that one is a place of pure positive energy, and one is a place of negative lower energy. The lower vibrational entities that do dwell in 'hell' are very real. They don't have bodies. They do feed on negative energy and torment the spirits that are bound to this low vibration reality until they change. There is a pure good energy and a pure bad energy - and then there is energy in between. When you hear of a spirit going into 'limbo' - what this means is that spirit isn't a low enough vibration to go to the dark place - but isn't quite a high enough vibration to go to the good place. So what happens to these spirits is they are stuck here on this physical plane with us. Sometimes this spirit doesn't realize they are dead - and they wander around in sadness until someone like me connects to them and helps them. Sometimes they are angry spirits that do tend to haunt places. Sometimes they stick around to help the ones they loved - the possibilities are endless - yet what it comes down to is yes, heaven and hell are real in a sense.

I have heard stories about people recording actual sounds of hell. I find it interesting because I have never seen hell as a physical place. It is a place of pure energy, pure negative energy. However, just like the fact that spirits can be picked up on recording devices, I believe that the sounds of 'hell' were picked up. I have included a video of it below. The video does not belong to me, I found it on YouTube:

So in the video you hear these horrible sounds from a miner in Siberia. The idea that there are portals underground has been around forever. Portals to spiritual dimensions such as heaven and hell. I feel what happened in this video clip was they really were recording sounds from this dark dimension, the place of negative energy most people call hell.

It is scary, yet at the same time, the concept of 'heaven' is pretty amazing too. It is real, and even though many cultures explain it differently, my opinion is it is a place of pure high vibrations and energy. Only the purest can make it to this amazing place of white light. People believe that in 'heaven', the higher vibrational entities (which are opposite from demons - most call them angels) are entities of pure peace and power. They are said to radiate the sound of 'trumpets' when they are nearby. In the video below, the sound of these trumpets can be heard all over Jerusalem. They are recognized as the sounds of the angels, and when listening to them, I do get that energy as well. These are in fact the sounds of the angels, or high vibrational entities. Remember, I do not own this video either, I found it again on YouTube:

At the end of the day, it is yours to decide for yourself. Heaven and hell have never been scientifically proven, yet neither have a lot of things, such as God himself. Follow your heart, nobody can tell you what to believe other than yourself. As for me, I do believe in heaven and hell in the aspects I have explained in this post. I hope you have enjoyed them and it has opened your eyes up to the possibility that yes, there may in fact be much more out there - it isn't always in black and white.

If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends! Do you believe in heaven or hell? Let me know in the comments! Everyone is entitled to their own believes so let's keep it friendly. Thank you.

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