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Hidden History: A deeper look

What if I told you that there are humanoid beings living two miles under the ice sheets of Antarctica? What if I told you that our world leaders are already very much aware and are hiding it from you? What if I told you that the Earth is a 270 million year old lab experiment? I have learned many things throughout the course of my life, and here recently I have been learning so much more through Linda Moulton Howe who is an American Investigative Journalist specializing in ufology. I have written about our hidden history before which was barely scratching the surface yet today I have to go much deeper. The fact is we are all lied to, that's not the secret - the secret is knowing who or what your God(s) are, what the Earth is, why are we here and so on. It is my efforts with today's article to dive much deeper and get to the roots of our history. Having said that, let's jump right in.

In 2017 two undisclosed US Navy Seals came forward about ancient historical findings that are currently two miles under the ice sheets of Antarctica. These Navy Seals come from honest backgrounds with references, pictures, names and locations and are very credible. They speak of humanoid beings living here, they've seen them with their own eyes. They speak of hieroglyphs down there that even modern day technology could not recreate - deeming them impossible to be made by man. These hieroglyphs are found in massive 9 acre rooms that literally took 15 minutes to walk across at a brisk pace. One of the many things scientists have found interesting about this massive underground room is there are no supports, not one. Keep in mind these rooms have miles of ice above them, and today's strongest structures would not be able to hold that weight without pillars. Another fascinating thing they found about these rooms is they have a self sustaining energy, and even though they were dated at 35 million years old, the energy source is still active. As they would walk down these long corridors the walls would light up as they walked by.

A few years ago we all heard about world leaders taking trips to Antarctica but it was all shrouded in secrecy. Russia's leader Putin went, US President at the time Obama had gone, the Pope had gone but the media reported it was just sight seeing. Well I guess that's true, it definitely was sight seeing but not a mountain - it was these underground massive rooms with this super technology which scientists still cant find the exact energy source from. All of this is hidden from us but it doesn't stop there - not by a long shot.

This brings me to the next point and it's a tough one to swallow - it really leaves your mind thinking endlessly. Everyone wants to know which religion is real. Everyone wants to know our purpose on this Earth. Everyone wants to know who made us and this is something Linda talked about. She said that one of these undisclosed Navy Seals that she had spoken to had mentioned the Earth is a 270 million year old lab experiment. We are creations of theirs but there is three dominant alien species so to speak that are fighting over control. Normally this would sound like a bad science fiction movie - too fake and I would agree. It's only the information came from a very high ranking Navy Seal, one with a verified background, documents and more proof. That makes this real in my opinion. Anyhow, he said the Earth is pretty rare, there aren't too many planets like that. We are mostly water which isn't found on a lot of planets. Regardless of the war going on over Earth right now, life was engineered. The dinosaurs for example were an 80 million+ year experiment and they were wiped out by an asteroid that hit the Gulf Coast. Looking deeper into that, this asteroid was no accident, it was a failed experiment and this asteroid was sent, it was meant to hit that certain spot and killed 95% of life on this planet. Experiment over, thus starts a new one - us. To explain race, Linda goes on to say that it was designed, different race is all part of the war. Originally it was one race, yet the three different alien species that are fighting over us right now manipulated some people's DNA knowing this would create wars, race wars that still go on to this day.

The thing that scares me out of all of this though is the cattle mutilations that have been going on publicly for decades now - these animals would be cut with laser precision, no blood at all, no animal footprints leading to where the bodies were laying when they were found - no body fluids at all. Organs would be missing, rectal tissue often is missing but why? This is something that I feel is much more sinister. Something is taking these animals, picking them up from the ground, taking them to wherever and performing the act then dropping them back down with zero trace of blood. The media tries to say these are Satanic cults doing rituals yet that is wrong. Satanic cults are based around blood, they love it and that is where their rituals get their power. This can't be Satanic simply because there is no blood. I feel like this so called experiment that we call life is coming to it's end. Another failed experiment like so many before. The reason these animals tissues and fluids are being harvested is to get ready for a new experiment. It's all scary because look at what is going on in the world. The earthquakes are getting worse, the volcanic activity is getting worse, the weather is getting more severe more frequently, the oceans are rising - all of this cattle mutilation, the new discoveries being made - it all adds up if you think about it.

Did you know that Neil Armstrong rarely made public appearances after his moon landing? Do you want to know why? In a rare interview with Neil's best friend at the time and co-pilot it was revealed that in the famous moon landing video where the craft is about to land and there is all that dust coming up - the craft twists a little bit and we were told by the media that was just to re position for cameras. Well that was the truth but what we weren't told is Neil saw three massive metallic crafts sitting in the crater looking right back at them - he was told to keep silenced. There is an abundant amount of life in this galaxy alone. Your God are these intelligent inter-dimensional beings that engineered you, an experiment to build the perfect creatures that could balance between this reality and the next, that could connect with both. The Atlantians were built too strong, they got too powerful and had to be wiped out, so we were made less powerful to keep boundaries around us. Look what we've done with it. We've created nuclear weapons - energy altering weapons that don't only affect those in this reality but it affects those in other realities too such as these beings, our Gods. There is a war.

The sad thing is that it's kept from us. Don't you think that we as humans deserve to know these things? That we deserve to know our true history? No, it's kept from us. The media and the people are not to know, it's a strict enforcement. Those who let it leak end up dead but it's time to wake up people. There is a war going on and we are in the middle of it without even knowing. Truth and knowledge is power so spread the truth by sharing this article. Get the word out and leave your comments in the section below.

My reference is the video with Linda talking about it directly from her experience. The video is not shareable on YouTube so here is the link to it:

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