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History: We have all been lied to

We are all born into this world with open minds. We see and think outside the box. We have that natural curiosity as children which makes us want to know more, to look deeper and to take in everything like a sponge. We are vulnerable, believing what we are taught, when in reality, we are born into a slave system, each born with product numbers, each of us being lied to from the day we are born. In this post I want to go deeper into this, show you some proof that you have all been lied to. I want to give you some real history in efforts to really open up your mind to who you truly are. So allow yourself to come out of that box you were put into, and see the world as it really is.

I will start this off by taking you back to first grade. You are so excited for your first day of school. You get to wear your new clothes. You get to use your new crayons, make new friends, learn new exciting things. Not for one moment does it ever cross your mind that you are being lied to - you just listen, learn and implement what you learn into your life. It is accepted as truth, and this brings me to my first proof that you are lied to. I will later explain why it is we are being lied to.

Dinosaurs. I think that is an interest to most kids when they are young, I know I was fascinated by them. We are taught that they existed 65 million years ago, when an asteroid wiped them out. That is when life picked itself back up again, and around 7 million years ago humans came into the picture - having evolved from monkeys.

Okay, you don't initially think second about that. You take them as facts, and that is how it is. The thing is, that is wrong. That is a lie. Humans didn't just come into the picture 7 million years ago. We are billions of years old, literally. Below is a picture of fossilized foot prints. First you see the human footprints, then a dinosaur footprint over it. This means the human footprint comes first, yet how is this possible when dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago? Gives you something to think about. It is true, we have been lied to. But why?

Upon doing research, it doesn't take long to see that scientists and archaeologists have already started debunking the theory that humans only came into the picture 7 million years ago. There are cave paintings that show humans and dinosaurs together. How would our ancestors even know to paint a dinosaur if they had never seen one. There is a lot of proof that we lived and walked together with them. We are a lot older than we are taught, and I feel one of the reasons we are lied to is because they don't want us knowing our true heritage. They don't want us knowing just how special we really are. They made up all of these lies to put into books, in efforts to dumb us down. A dumb nation is an easy one to control. This is where religion comes into play as well. It is a governed system meant to control the nation. They can't lose their control. We are beings of light. We are powerful, special, and we did not evolve from monkeys. We don't share the same gene code, which is why a human couldn't get a monkey pregnant. We don't cross, how could we possibly have come from them.

This brings me to my next topic that I wanted to talk about. Giants. In the Bible, in the Quran, in old historical books, family stories - there are always talks of giants. The Bible made giants a pop culture idea with the story of David and Goliath. We are taught that is all metaphorical. That giants weren't real, and to this day the idea of giants is thought to be science fiction. As some of you know, I live in New Mexico, in the USA. I have always felt a magical energy here, and the other day I stumbled on by accident an old article from 1902 that was posted in the New York Times. It talked about an excavation here in New Mexico that led to the discovery of giant skeletons, some 12 feet tall. I will include the article post below:

This goes to show just how real they are - and it doesn't stop there. All you have to do is search it, there are countless stories of the same thing, posted by mainstream media, and in those days it was accepted. People thought it was interesting, they wanted to know more about it, then all the sudden everything disappears. The skeletons vanish, articles about them start to disappear. All traces of them are either discredited, or destroyed. This says a lot. Why the need for secrecy? It is because we aren't supposed to know just how vast the world really is. We aren't supposed to know how magical it is. Mythology talks about giants all the time. Along with other mysterious life forms, and the fact is most of it, if not all of it, is very real. People are quick to believe something from the Bible, so it shouldn't be too hard to accept. The Bible is full of magical creatures, magic itself, angels, demons, giants - so it is all there. Right in front of our face, we just have to know it's real, and it is being kept from us in schools, colleges and in daily life. We have to open our eyes. The truth is in plain sight, you just have to allow yourself to see it.

The world we live in today is just a graveyard compared to what it used to be. The world has been destroyed, mined .. and in every aspect it has been killed. The Earth was a living being, with a spirit, a consciousness, a life source. There used to be trees miles high, and it didn't stop there. Beautiful creatures, giants, dwarfs, magic, free energy. I would compare it a lot to the imagery you see in the movie 'Avatar'. Earth looked a lot like that. I mention we live in a rubble, a destroyed version because it is true. Below is a picture of a fossilized tree trunk. This is just to put into perspective how things used to be, how huge things used to be, and hopefully it ignites that natural curiosity in you to do more research. Let yourself wake up.

There was a library, back in 285 BC called the Library of Alexandria. In it, contained over a half a million scrolls about our history. The library existed for over 700 years, and was the only one of it's type. The library was burned to ashes, in efforts to take control of the population, to dumb down the society and write a new history. There are rumors that some of the scrolls can still be found at the Vatican, yet that is something that will never be released to the public. The Vatican is shrouded in secrecy. If there really is such a large and vast record of our past, why is it hidden from us? Why are we taught nothing but lies? Why is this information not available?

The answer is simple. Knowledge is power. Hiding the truth from us lowers our vibration, it cuts us off from the universal mind that we all used to be connected through. It cuts us off spiritually. Granted, there are those that are able to find their way to truth, whether through psychic means or research. It is people that are able to find that path that are considered the enlightened ones, and it is their responsibility to teach other people the truth. The problem with this, is so many people are already programmed to believe what they were taught. They are so set in their ways, that when they see truth like I am giving in this article, they instantly slam it. They instantly try to come up with reasons it isn't true, they instantly try to debunk it. This is how you are taught to react. It really is a perfect system, but you can break out of it. The signs are all around you.

After reading this I hope your mind is now open to a more vast world, a much older one that goes back billions of years. Atlantis is new aged, the world was already in decline by the time they ever even came into existence. Civilizations, powerful ones, used to stretch across the world. The oceans weren't always where they are today. The world has cracked apart, continents have drifted away. What is ocean now, used to be scattered with powerful people, cities that would blow your mind away. Technology that is unparalleled to anything we have today. We are living in the ruins of what once was just breathtaking. Greedy, power hungry people have killed it, and here we are today. Trying to act like we are the most advanced the world has ever been. No, we aren't at all, we are barely starting to learn, but it will take millions of years to get back to the powerful place we used to be. This can only happen if we all wake up. If we all come together. If we all stop giving the power to the wrong people. We have to stop cutting down trees. Start loving the Earth again. Connect spiritually. Open our minds, but most importantly, we all have to know that we are being lied to. It is then that you will start digging for the truth.

So keep everything I have said in mind. It is all real, it is all true, and it doesn't even scratch the surface of what you could learn if you just do some research. We are a strong species, we are powerful, we are unique and we are all made of light. It is time to wake up.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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