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How can I become more psychic?

To put it simply, everybody has what it takes to be psychic. We are all born with the right part - an organ to our bodies. It is overlooked and not really talked about in science. This is a gland in the middle of our heads, and it is called the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is a part of our brains. All humans have this. It is shaped like an eye - or a pine cone. This unappreciated part of all of us is the source of energy that brings us closer to the other side. The Egyptians saw this as the Eye of Ra. The all seeing eye - and to this day it is represented on our dollar bills, in the media, everywhere you look.

This all goes back to the all seeing eye that we all share. Some of us are born with a stronger natural ability to connect to it. Some of us of are self taught. Some of us have deja-vu...while others have dreams that tend to manifest. This comes in all sorts of areas. The feelings that we get that turn out to be true. Our little instincts...turn this way at the light because it will be faster...oh mom is going to call later today and I don't know how I know that...things like this is exactly why I am writing this article today. We are all psychic - and I want to teach you how to really develop it.

This all goes back to when I was much younger. I knew that I was seeing certain things, feeling things around me that nobody else could feel. This included feelings in my gut that told me to do a certain thing .. it is hard to explain really .. but we have all been through it. I started focusing on what I knew I could do at that point so many years ago, and what it came down to was energy.

My parents were a certain religion that didn't believe in things such as this. They thought that it was evil - that it was Satan - and that even burning incense was a sin. So I ended up buying a book on psychic development. I never got to read it, because she had found it and ended up literally tearing it up right in front of me. She has something to be afraid of - and apparently I brought out everything she didn't believe in.

This taught me that you don't have to learn from books. You don't have to be taught psychic energy. We all have it - and it has taken me 32 years to see this. I had to go through horrible things in my life to really grasp what I have. I can teach it to you, because you already have it as well.

You know that little feeling you get before you leave the house in the morning? The one that tells you today is going to be a good day. Or on the other hand - you wake up and you just know today is going to be a bad day. You don't know how you know this, but you already feel it. This is your natural psychic abilities - and like I tell my clients: we all have it. We all have this natural intuition to us. It is stress - anxiety - what we are taught as kids to believe is normal. Religion - laws - people....they all wear down on us and expect us to just lay down and believe what we are taught.

You have to admit - there is a deeper part of you that just knows more ... feels more ... and this is your natural psychic energy. There are several ways that you can learn to do it better, to be stronger, and to really feel those energies around you.

One way is to find some really peaceful music on YouTube. I like to look for instrumental music. I set it on a low setting, and I sit here in my chair. I close my eyes and really listen to the music. It gets to a point that the music fades away in my mind - and I just see this huge empty place in my mind. I focus in on my abilities..and I see this white light. Always see a white light - because this is your energy. See your mind opening and this white light all around you. See your mind opening up.

Do this every night - and I promise it opens up your intuition. To give an example of this - I want to talk about a client of mine named 'Ariel'.

Ariel had always experienced Deja Vu. She had a natural intuition that was taking over her life. It started on her 16th birthday. She had a strange energy come around her, as if a darkness, and it was all too familiar. She had been having dreams of this same shadow following her grandmother - every single step. Even in life, she seemed to just 'see' this shadow.

Ariel was raised in a strict Christian home that taught seeing shadows and feeling things like this was evil. So she started to doubt herself in shame. She notices it kept getting worse and she knew she couldn't talk to her family about it. So in a session I had connected to her and saw this amazing ability that only she was holding back. It seems that what we are taught as children only just creates a lock around our minds, preventing us from moving on.

I let her know that she had tremendous potential, and let her know how to open it. The fastest way to open your psychic abilities, that we all have, is to set yourself a very warm bath. If you can't do this - set your shower pretty warm. I know this sounds weird - just do it. Why not?

Soak in that water for a minute until you are completely relaxed. Trust me. Close your eyes - and you will see complete darkness around you. See a white light in that darkness. See it in the middle of your mind. See it get brighter and brighter. This opens up your third eye - the 'other' sight that we all have. Each time you do this, see that light get brighter and brighter to the point where are you are able to say out loud in your mind - AWAKEN.

I know this sounds ridiculous - but we all have these psychic powers, and this method has been proven time and time to JOLT that energy into waking up. It is a muscle - and like any other one, it needs to be used to get stronger. This method I have just mentioned is the strongest to my knowledge, and will work.

Another method is to put your feet in some water. Any water will do, but running water such as a creek is the best. Put your feet in that water. Close your eyes. See that same white light in your mind - and see it run out your feet into that water. This clears out the negative energy that is holding your gifts back, and it has been proven time and time again - when you do this, you always have vivid psychic dreams that night. So that is something fun to play around with.

To become more psychic you just need to allow your mind to fully relax. Imagine the universe around you. See that energy run through your mind. Envision what it is you want to see. See that question strong in your mind - and then just let go. From my experience, what you see next in your mind is the answer to your question.

It happens differently to all of us, but trust me - we all have psychic abilities. Each one is different - yet utilize the methods I have mentioned in this post - and you are well on your way to being an excellent and powerful psychic!

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