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How to strengthen your natural energy

Natural energy is something that we all have. It is what creates us, our personalities, our bodies and even our spirits. Without it we wouldn't exist. In today's post, I want to talk about how you can strengthen and clean your own energy and vibration straight from home. This has been known to manifest not only better physical and mental health, but it has also been known to improve the overall quality of your life if done often.

Something I personally do to strengthen my energy is I put on light instrumental music. I love celtic music - it has a very earthy vibration to it that really touches my soul. Some people may like piano music, nature sounds or any other type of music. There is a type for all of us, but what it comes down to is anything that soothes your soul. This positive vibration and frequency that the gentle music puts out helps me get through my day, and strengthens my energy. I definitely recommend it to anyone. To hear the one I listen to daily, click here.

Another thing that really works, and I use often is the usage of crystals. Quartz crystals work the best. While it isn't really known why crystals carry so much pure energy, the fact is they have been used since the beginning of time as energy cleaning devices and channels. I have many sitting here on my desk, all different shapes, sizes and colors. They can be used to not only strengthen your energy by holding them in your hands, but they also clean the negative energy in the air. Not too long ago, I bought a crystal lamp tower that I now have lit all the time. It has truly strengthened my energy to no end. Just having crystals around helps strengthen and cleanse all energies in that room, including yours.

I have found that energy charged candles really do the trick when doing energy work, cleansing or strengthening. People don't really understand the concept of energy, but it makes the world around us. Bad energy manifests bad things and is very unpleasant. Good energy manifests positive things but isn't always easy to achieve. Reiki charged candles are an excellent tool for someone who doesn't have time to meditate. I use them daily. There are energy charged candles for everything: positive energy, protection, healing, money, love, to manifest a miracle and the list goes on and on. They strengthen your energy naturally and have changed my life. To see the ones I use, click here. Not only do they smell amazing, but real reiki practitioners have charged them with focused energy, and this will completely help your energy, I guarantee it.

Another useful tip when it comes to strengthening your energy doesn't come from something you buy, this comes from your own natural energy. Sit or stand with your bare feet firmly on the floor or ground. Preferably on the bare ground. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. See these roots starting to grow from the bottom of your feet deep into the earth. See the negative energy inside of you go down and out of these roots, and bring back up positive energy from the earth. Not only is this an excellent visualization tool, but it also is an incredible powerful energy tool.

Those who work with chi energy, or reiki energy will know this method. This cleanses your energy, and works it out like a muscle allowing it to be stronger. Doing psychic readings as a profession naturally requires me to work with many different types of energy a day, and therefore requires constant cleansing. These aren't the only methods I use. For example, I also burn white sage throughout the day, along with various other herbs to keep a strong and clean energy. Some things will work better for some people, while others work better for other people. Yet it is important to always keep it strong and clean, because like your body - your energy is the reason you are alive. It can be used for so many different things - the possibilities are endless. You don't have to use all of the methods that I use. I have to use more because of what I do, but I hope now you know what some of your options are.

Whether it is white sage, crystals, candles, meditation or other means, always remember to have a positive state of mind. Negative attracts negative, so if you are doing energy work with a negative state of mind, it will attract negative right back to you, and trust me, that is not a good feeling.

What is your favorite method when it comes to cleaning and strengthening your energy? Leave your comments in the section below, and share this article with your friends.

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