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How to tell if that 'special someone' is thinking of you

The connection between two people can become so strong that it becomes unbreakable. There is something very magical about this connection. Do you ever wonder if when you leave the room, or when you are apart from the one you love if they are even thinking about you? Do you ever wonder if you are even missed at all? The energy between two people that are close to each other creates a psychic bond so to speak, and in this article, I am going to be talking about some signs that the special someone in your life is in fact thinking about you. During the day, even the smallest signs can show that someone is thinking about you, how many of these signs do you see on a regular basis?

The first sign may sound a bit strange, because it is also related to spiritual contact, however this is feeling a physical sensation on your body. This can be a touch of the cheek, a hand on the shoulder, or even feeling that you are being lightly hugged. This is common when two people have psychic bonds, and is a sign that your special someone is thinking about you at that very moment.

The second sign is burning ears or cheeks. If you find that your ears or cheeks are getting red for no reason, or starting to warm up, it is a very strong sign they are thinking of you. What are they thinking? Well, burning ears or red ears signify that your crush is currently thinking something very positive about you, whereas burning ears are a sign that their thoughts are more negative at that moment. Is this happening to you?

The third sign that I am going to talk about today is hiccups, and this isn't a good sign. This is a sign that someone is either thinking or talking negatively about you. This usually arises when someone is talking about you behind your back - so if this is happening to you, it is time to start thinking of who it could be.

Another sign today is the fact that you suddenly are feeling unexpected emotions. This can be a wave of sadness, excitement, love, anger, calmness - or anything in between. This feeling comes on suddenly. This means you are experiencing the one you love's feelings at that exact moment. If it is happy, loving, calming or positive, they are feeling that same emotion about you - thinking about you at that moment. If it is sadness that comes over you, it means that they are missing you. Give them a call!

The fifth sign today that someone is thinking about you are dreams. While all of the other signs in this post are things that happen when you are awake, dreams can be a good indicator as well. If you find that you had a very vivid dream of that person, even if you haven't seen each other in a long time, that is usually an indicator that they had the same dream about you - you just had a dream about each other. This is a psychic connection - and is a great way to know that they are thinking about you at that same moment.

The sixth sign is goosebumps! If you just got the goosebumps without it even being cold at all, it probably is revealing a lot more than just the temperature. This happens when someone who is a strong psychic naturally is thinking about you. Everyone has psychic gifts, yet this sign only manifests when that person has a strong natural gift - you are feeling their energy. Creepy, true. Yet still cool!

The seventh sign today that someone is thinking about you is telepathy. This only happens in the strongest of the strong connections between two people, and is by far the rarest of all the signs. If you are finding that someone just keeps popping into your head, for no reason at all, over and over again. They are thinking about you. This also applies to just the sense of knowing they are going to call, then they do, or having a specific thought about them, only to find out later they had the same thought about you. It can even get to the point where you no longer really need to talk out loud, you talk in your minds. Sounds strange and science fiction, I know, but it isn't. My husband and I do it a lot - daily, and he isn't even a psychic like I am. This only happens in the closest of connections between two people.

The eighth and final sign today that I am going to be talking about is good old sneezing. This is recognized in many countries, and if there is no reason for you to suddenly sneeze, then someone is thinking about you. There is a neat little trick to figuring out who is behind this. After you sneeze, ask the first person around you for the first three digit number that comes to their mind without thinking about it. Take this number, add all three numbers together, and refer to the alphabet. Say the number was 547. Add those numbers together and they create the number 16. So, the 16th number of the alphabet is P. That means that someone whose name starts with the letter P is thinking about you! Cool right?

There are so many more ways to tell if someone is thinking about you, much too many to list here. So how many of these apply to you? If more than one is applying to you, then you should really find out who is thinking about you, and go give them a big kiss! They obviously want it really bad.

Are you having any of these signs? Let others know about them in the comments...maybe they are having the same signs, and don't forget to share this post with your friends!

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