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How To Tell If You Are Cursed

Bad things happen to good people all the time. Car wrecks, pet passing away, family member dying, flat tires - it's never fun. If you've found this article it means you're already wondering if you have a curse on you. When it rains it pours and right now you are going through a lot of unexplainable things. The thing that led me to write this post is a lot of negative issues are popping up in my own life. Let's just say it was time to burn that white sage. The hot water heater went out, the truck gave out, we had a gas leak - if it's not one thing it's another and it becomes a lot to keep up with. It is my point with this article to give you the signs that you've been cursed, along with how to break it.

I want to first talk about family curses. They are very rare. I would say only about .01% of curses out there are family curses. They are real and as I've mentioned in a previous article I had one on me. Not fun to say the least and it took years to break it. Odds are you do not have a family curse on you. Bad things happen all the time for no reason, that is life unfortunately. In the rare case that you do in fact have a curse on you, the signs below will definitely apply to what you are going through.

The most common signs of a curse are you are a healthy person. You've never had anything significant happen to you medically. All the sudden you start getting injured, you start to fall ill, your body just doesn't feel right and you know something is wrong. You have always been in good physical, mental and spiritual health. Now it just feels like your body has given up on you and there is no logical reason for it. This could be an indicator that you've been cursed.

Another sign that you've been cursed is you're having the worst luck and it doesn't feel to be stopping. Normally things tend to go your way. Things almost all the time just go right in your life. Now all the sudden things are going wrong left and right. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, I've been going through this lately too. Whether it's the water heater busting and flooding my house, my truck just breaking down out of nowhere and it's always been a good vehicle, I have never had natural gas in my home, I've always been afraid of fires so I keep everything electric. Turns out we've had a gas leak in our house for a few weeks now, and it's not even connected! You see, if things like this are just going wrong for you, you're probably cursed so read on to the end of this article. I do give instructions for removing the curse yourself, without the help of anyone else.

If you are a Pagan, or belong to any sort of magical community where there are other witches, your chances of being cursed are significantly raised. I know we all want to believe that other witches are nice and supportive, yet when things get dramatic other witches are much more likely to have you cursed than a non-witch. For me, I've been a professional online psychic for over a decade now. I have come across many evil people who do get intimidated by my success. Some magic users don't like that I help my clients get out of those sticky situations so then I become a target. It's not right and it's not fair. Yet it is real, so if you have ever been a part of some magical community, you've probably been cursed.

Another sign of a curse is you have broken glass on your front step, or in your front yard. Broken glass is a very common tool in curses, it's used in all different types of curses and spells. So if you see broken glass around your home and it definitely is out of place, it's a sign of curses yet the same thing goes for chicken bones. Chicken bones are another common tool in dark magic. If you have random chicken bones in or around your home, it's a sign you've been hexed yet don't be afraid. It's nothing that you won't be able to remove yourself once you know how to.

Strange animal occurrences are frequently happening around you when you've been hexed or cursed. Animal familiars are used to 'spy' on the ones they cast the curse on. I have some clients who this happens to. Animals are very sensitive to energies, and because of their psychic links with humans, they can be used to 'look' through just to keep tabs. Animals dying or going missing are also signs of dark magic. Have you had a pet start keeping tabs on you that doesn't belong to you, or has your pet become ill or died out of nowhere? You could have a curse on you.

A huge sign that you’ve been cursed are your guides are flat out telling you. The messages can come in different forms. Whether it’s seeing signs on TV, hearing them on the radio station, your ‘gut’ is telling you something is wrong or whatever the case. Usually if you ask your guides to confirm the warnings they will. So if your intuition is flat out telling you that you’ve been cursed then odds are you have been. Guides will not lie to you.

If you are absolutely in love with your partner, you two have never really gotten into any fights and you find your relationship all the sudden flat out dying or falling apart. This can be a sign you’ve been cursed because let’s face it. If there are no reasons for the relationship to be falling apart yet you just feel like you’re being pushed away, someone may not want you two to be together. Jealousy, greed, lust - they are all low vibrations and will cause people to do down right evil things.

There are many more signs of being cursed from strange objects on your property, random negative thoughts, missing personal items, bad omens and so on. It’s important for you to know you can break this, you don’t have to live like this. To break curses on you there are several things you can do. Get a piece of red yarn or a ribbon. Tie eight knots in it and say ‘Energy I call to you, break this curse and make me new’. Say that every time you tie the knot and when you’re done, put that ribbon under your bed mattress. This will help shield you until the curse releases. Another way is simple white sage burning. In every single room in your house, especially where you spend the most time. This is a high vibration energy that pushes out the unwanted negative energy, and this includes curses. Another way to shield yourself or get rid of a curse is to carry a pure quartz crystal piece with you. It’s energy naturally pushes low vibrations away. An uncrossing shower or bath will help. For the bath, soak yourself in salted water. This is basically a spiritual cleansing that helps un-tie those cords that have been placed on you. Know that the curse is broken, then simply move on with your life. Your mind is powerful and it’s capable of anything.

The most important thing is to know you’re getting through this, and know that you yourself have the power to overcome anything thrown at you. Keep safe through this pandemic, it’s going to get worse before it gets better and know I will be here for you if you ever need me. Have a more peaceful week ahead ~

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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