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Inside Looking Out: A little about Demetri Welsh

I haven't written a blog in a long time. As some of you know, I launched this platform only back in September of 2018, and back then I had a lot of free time. I always wrote about my experiences, my feelings, my life, client stories, and many of you probably wonder why I don't do that anymore. I know some of you really looked forward to them.

The reason I stopped is because many clients didn't like their stories being shared. Even though I changed the names of clients to protect their privacy, I still received a lot of complaints and even lost some clients over it. It was in my best interest to stop writing those types of blogs. I hope you understand. However, I have decided to start them up again. I will continue to write about some client stories. I will continue to make sure to change the genders, names and locations of the clients to maintain confidentiality, so there is no reason anyone should be offended at all, your privacy is still secure.

So here I am today, writing an update post because many of you have been requesting more than I have been writing lately. While I cannot write personal blogs everyday like I used to, I have made a commitment to write much more often.

Today's blog I wanted to give you a more inside look at my life, what I do and who I am. It can be hard to view me as a human too, with feelings, likes, dislikes ~ I make mistakes too. I get sick. I get burned out at times, but hey, don't we all? I was told the other day by a certain client that she forgets I am a person. She views me as a machine - always there, always available, professional. That is a huge compliment, and it makes sense to me. So here is a little about me, Demetri, the Raw Vegan Psychic, and a little about my daily life.

I am married to a wonderful man, and we have three beautiful little dogs. We call them our daughters ~ they mean the world to us. We own our own home, and are fixing to build on our lakefront property. He used to work as a CNA at a nursing home, however has retired to be at home full time. I work about 14-18 hours a day as a professional psychic and energy worker, and I help about 20 clients per day, all having their own unique situations in life.

I find it difficult to keep a professional boundary with clients, because I get too involved. Without meaning to I become their friends, their life lines, their family, the one they can always come to day or night if they need to. When I first started my platform, the RVP Platform, I never took a day off. I would work months and months on end, daily, and it started to affect my marriage. I was giving too much energy into my clients, and not enough to my family, and it wasn't working out. It was then that I set a schedule. I work Sunday through Friday mornings, and then take Friday afternoons and Saturdays off to spend with my family. It has worked out much better.

My husband gets frustrated with me, because I always talk about my clients to him, (he is intuitive too), because my office is at my home, and it gets hard to separate the two. However I have learned to try to be more professional in terms of leaving work at work, setting my hours, and sticking with it.

I often times feel my clients energy coming to me, at all hours of the night and day. It is hard on my days off, because I can know that someone needs me, someone wants to get a hold of me, and I will want to log back in to help them. Yet then again, my family suffers for it, so it isn't the right thing to do.

I also get a little frustrated as a psychic, because I know that some clients want to be told a certain thing, with all their hearts they feel they 'know' something and expect me to confirm or deny it. Sometimes I can't do this because I may feel something completely opposite, and they get upset with me. I have been cussed out, threatened, cursed, psychically attacked - you name it, I have gone through it. Yet at the end of the day I have to be truthful to myself in knowing I do the best I can do. Some people just aren't happy, but I have a reputation for not only being accurate, but straight forward to.

With over 20-25 clients per day, a lot of energy builds up, and if I don't cleanse myself at least twice a day, I start to get irritable, as all genuine psychics do. Some clients are more difficult than others, but I care about each and every one. It has been my goal to be as available as I can, and yes, there will be some changes here and there. I am still getting everything settled, and am learning new things everyday. What my clients do know about me is I am dedicated, loyal, accurate and I do my best to make everyone feel like family.

What it comes down to, is even though I get tired too, I have my off days, I have my personal issues outside of professional issues ~ I am always sincere, and I care about my clients. I know I should write more blogs myself, and I am working on it. The three things that matter to me the most in life are my husband, my clients and my platform. These are the three things that I focus on the most.

Yes I am psychic. I have seen and experienced things you probably couldn't imagine. Yet I am normal in the sense you can talk to me about anything. I do not judge, I do not criticize. Everything is said with pure intention of helping you, and that is how it will always be. To wrap this post up, I just wanted to give you more of an inside peak into me, Demetri, because I know it can be hard opening up to me if I don't open up to you first. Hopefully now, knowing a little more about me, you know you can trust me no matter what, and I will always make sure to give you my all. With me, you are family too.

Have a great weekend guys~

Written by Demetri Welsh, aka RVP.

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