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Is depression linked with entity attachments?

It all starts when the things that used to make you laugh just don't anymore. When the things you used to look forward to just don't interest you at all. When the foods you used to absolutely love just don't sound appetizing to you any longer. These are all signs of depression and it's not just something you can really explain to someone. It's a feeling, an experience, a dark place that our minds take us to and it's not easy to pull out of. The reason I'm talking about depression in a spirituality blog is because it ties into low vibrations. It can open us up to negative spirits and beings that use that negative energy to feed on. In this article I want to talk about signs you are depressed on top of signs you have a negative being attached to you. I will then give you effective ways to bring yourself back to a more balanced place mentally and get rid of these energy parasites that are attached.

So having said that, the first sign that you are depressed is you start getting tired a lot more. You start feeling the need to take more naps and even when you do sleep you wake up just as tired as you were before you went to bed. This is the most common sign that you have an attachment too because you're being drained of your energy. That's why you are tired. Funny enough, it's also a sign that you're naturally empathic so these all sort of tie in together. It's a recipe for a pure burn out so if you're going through this, read on to the end of the article where I give methods to rid yourself of this depression, these low vibrations and attachments.

Another sign that you're experiencing real depression is you find yourself completely zoning out during the day. Sure, some people do this naturally and have their whole lives yet others haven't. Some people normally are very focused and attentive yet you are finding that you just completely have to snap out of it sometimes and it's happening more and more. You have lost interest in everything really. You find that you're having to force a smile, force a laugh, force that you're interested in something when you know you're not. On top of a very large flag for depression, it's also a sign that you have what they call a 'psychic vampire' and no, it's not a blood sucking being with a cape. A psychic vampire is someone with a negative energy that is draining you of your energy to put it simply. Bringing you down, making you feel uneasy about everything so it's not just depression going on here, yet it is a sign that you need to take action to defend yourself.

A third sign that you have these energy attachments along with the literal depression is you don't like leaving the house when you don't need to. You used to go out, hang out, go to stores just to go - you weren't a homebody yet now you are finding the complete opposite is happening. You just don't enjoy things anymore, you don't want to be in public and as a matter of fact, being in public brings on severe anxiety - sometimes even crippling anxiety. This is also another sign that you're a natural empath as I've talked about in some other articles. Natural depression is one of the main signs of an empath because empaths soak in the energy and emotions around them. It's not an easy life so if it's happening there are steps you can take to balance back out and protect your energy.

Another sign of depression and possible energy attachments or parasites is you have a hard time really sitting still for a long period of time. You can't really focus your mind anymore and completing a task has become something you really have to put a lot of energy into. Your mind is everywhere, it's on everything and everyone. Slowing your mind can take hours and you find you just can't even get to bed when you used to. Energy parasites, entities or beings love people with depression as they give off a low vibration that they can feed on. They instigate the feelings of depression, suicide, self loathing, sadness and similar emotions because it's one that they thrive in. It's a very negative energy so if you're going through this, depression may only be a symptom of something bigger you're going through.

I can go on and on about the signs of entity attachments, real depression, empathy and what they all have in common yet the fact is it's all very real and we need to know how to defend ourselves. I've found that having pure quartz crystal pieces around my whole house really helps absorb that negative energy. I've noticed a huge difference in the 'before' and 'after' vibrations so I'd definitely recommend that. White sage also helps a great deal as it's whole purpose is to sweep out negative energy and replace it with a positive one. Closing your eyes, envisioning white light in and around you really helps slow the mind and push out negative energy. Seeing roots grow from the bottom of your feet into the Earth and pulling up Earth's energy to help balance you out is also tremendously effective.

Depression is real, yet sometimes it's only a branch off of the bigger tree. Sometimes you do have an attachment that isn't supposed to be there and it's actually causing the depression as mentioned above so the listed ways to balance yourself back out really will help change your life. If you need someone to talk to I'll be here so know you're not alone and that you do have my full support. Have a safe week ahead, you can get through anything you're going through in life one step at a time.

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Written by Demetri W. of the RVP Platform.

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