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Is getting a psychic reading dangerous?

Something that I have always noticed is on the back of most people's minds are is getting a psychic reading dangerous? Some people feel that by focusing too much on a certain future event and putting a lot of energy into it will in fact change the outcome. To a certain degree that does make sense. Thoughts are energy - and putting energy into something has been known to manifest certain changes.

For example, let's take the law of attraction into count here. The law of attraction is basically having a positive outlook, seeing something happen in your mind. Remaining positive. This positive energy manifests positive results, and therefor manifesting your positive wish into existence. It has been proven to happen time and time again. So the same thing sort of applies to readings. It is okay to have a reading to look into a certain situation. No harm done whatsoever. It is when you start obsessing over it that the issues start to creep up.

I have a client who I will call Bill in this post. Bill is absolutely head over heels in love with this woman named Stacey. They have a long history together, deep rooted memories that they both share. Time has tore the two of them apart, and he is constantly worried that she is out of his life forever.

They now live on separate parts of the world, and he gets frequent readings. You see, getting frequent readings on a certain subject is okay, I definitely understand the passion. Yet Bill was putting a lot of negative energy into this whole situation. He had it in his mind that she was seeing someone, (keep in mind they aren't even in a relationship). He wanted to know her every move. Who she was hanging out with. Her constant thoughts. Where she was. What was she thinking.

This has turned into an obsession. Love is understandable until you cross that line. In this case, getting a psychic reading was dangerous to him, because he knows what the future holds. I have told him time and time again - yet he doesn't leave it at that. He wants it to happen now, and even though they are not in a relationship yet, he is already in that mental stage of control - and this is turning into more than an innocent love connection. It has turned into an unhealthy obsession.

That is only one example of how a psychic reading can be dangerous. Another way that a reading can be dangerous is looking into the dead - someone who has passed on. We all experience the loss of someone we love. There are questions that we want answered - and sometimes the only way to get that done is to contact them directly. I have done this many times - and sometimes it opens a gate to not only me - but to the client as well.

To connect to the spirit of someone who has passed, a gateway has to be opened so to speak. This is always dangerous, because just like using a ouija board, other entities can come through as well.

A client of mine named Rita had come to me about her ill husband. He was dying and she thought there was a long time left. She reached out to me, asking about him. In my reading I told her that I didn't even feel like he had a whole day left - his spirit was already passing. From the time she sent in the order, to the time I had delivered it only a few hours later - he had already passed. So naturally she wanted to ask him a few personal questions which I had no issue answering for her. I know the loss of a loved one is heart breaking.

So I made contact - and was able to answer these questions she had in great detail - yet the session changed really quickly. Darker messages started coming through - and we both knew that was no longer her husband. I ended the session very quickly - she was grateful and we both went on with our lives.

She reached out to me three days later telling me something had followed her home. There was constant knocking on the walls at night, it came in a pair of three knocks. There was a foul stench in the air at night time that nothing could get rid of. The house was constantly freezing, even with the heaters on. Something had come through with her.

When connecting to that energy - it was true. A dark female energy had come through. A violent spirit who had lost her life at an early age due to rape and beatings. She was mad - and she had gotten through. It took a lot of energy work to set her spirit to rest, yet eventually I was successful.

The fact is that psychic readings can be dangerous, yet only if you are irresponsible. Knowing the future can be a true blessing - and it can change our lives for the better. They can help us prepare for what is to come, and set our hearts at peace. Yet, for the weaker minded, knowing the future is a curse. Some people just can't help but try to rush the good things seen in readings, so therefor they ruin them altogether, I have seen it time and time again. When it comes to spirits coming through in readings, that isn't usually a risk - mostly only during spirit communication settings, and it is even rare at that. I should have been more careful during that session, and I have learned a lot since them preventing that from happening again.

To answer the question if a psychic reading is dangerous or not - the answer is both yes and no for the reasons listed earlier. If you are strong minded, you have no problem. If you have a problem being patient - psychic readings can absolutely be dangerous. The choice is yours.

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