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It's time for a change...

Monday's are usually one of the easier days in the week for me. I am off Friday and Saturday, so naturally Sunday's are the busy days. Everyone lined up for their readings, and I can usually look forward to a more relaxing Monday. Not today, today was a rather bad day, so as usual, I knew I had to write about it. Writing about problems that we face in life is not only healthy, but it prevents us from taking our frustrations out on our family, or those closest to us. Even if nobody ever reads what you write, getting it out is venting, and you will always feel better afterwards. My journal happens to be public, I like it that way. I can not only get the normal benefits of having a journal, but also the benefit of maybe being able to help someone else if they are having the same issues. My issue today is negative people. They really get under my skin, and already being an impatient person, sometimes it gets hard to handle.

My daily routine is normal. I usually work until about 3am each morning, and then I go to bed. I sleep until about 10am, I get up, check my messages and respond to them, send out my auto-notification to my clients that their session will be completed in the order it was received, I grab a cup of coffee and get started on the readings. The whole time I have clients messaging when their session will be completed, wanting me to do theirs faster and dealing with new orders coming in. It gets to be a lot to deal with, especially knowing I don't only work full time on one platform, I work full time (as of right now) on two. I don't plan on being with Fiverr for too much longer, and the day is coming when I part ways with them. I don't feel that sellers get the support they need. It is okay for clients to be abusive with us, and hang a rating over our heads, but if we as sellers stand firm and don't tolerate the bullying, we get a strike on our account. Fiverr clearly states they don't need a reason to terminate our accounts, so that naturally creates a level of uneasiness for sellers.

So having said that, today was just like any other day. I woke up, responded to messages, grabbed my coffee and started working. I type each and every session up individually, no two are ever the same. I had a client reject their session, it was first thing this morning. She told me that it was identical to another one she had gotten. I looked up her history, and this is the first session I had ever given her. Even if she had two different accounts, having an identical session is impossible, that has never happened. I don't ever fully understand why people have to lie. I know sometimes on Fiverr, they say these things just to get their money back for whatever reasons. Financial issues, selfishness, greediness, no matter what it is these things happen. So instead of arguing, I simply let her know that no two sessions are the same, I am sorry she felt that way, and I cancelled her session. In the past I would sit and feed into it, trying to make it better for the client, yet I have gotten to the point where I know I can't please everyone. I know I can't make everyone happy, and while I know sessions are all typed up individually, I can't let negative people get me down. It may seem like nothing to you who is reading this, but for me, having to put so much time and energy into each and every single session, having people say these things does hurt my feelings.

That is just one of the unfortunate things I had to deal with. Yes, I had had to cancel another session on Fiverr, because the client refused to give me their name, or their questions. They submitted the order and that was that. I have a 24 hour dead line for each session. If I have a late order, I automatically get a one star review which is why it is so important that I complete each one on time. So, more than 12 hours had passed, this client still didn't respond even though I can see as a seller when a client reads my message to them. So I ended up having to cancel that session too. It may not seem like a big deal, but when Fiverr sellers cancel a session, it doesn't matter for what reason, our rankings are automatically lowered, and our completion rate drops. I have always had a 99% - 100% completion rate on Fiverr. Lately that has dropped to about 98% because of these stubborn clients.

The reason I say that I don't like Fiverr, is we have no control over these things as sellers, nor do we have support. You know, to reach a Top Rated Seller, and to get the badge on your profile, you have to have an account for 180 days, you have to make $20k total all time income, you have to have at least a 90% completion rate, no warnings in 30 days and things like this. I have always had perfect scores for the most part. Yet Fiverr doesn't look into specific situations. Like if an order is cancelled, they don't look at the reason, all they see is it was cancelled and you are marked down. I reached all these requirements within the first 180 days, and each month they tell me I don't qualify for Top Rated Seller. I have been there a year and a half now, having made over $70k on Fiverr alone in that time, and I still haven't reached the badge. There is a stereotype for all sellers in the Spiritual Department. Only one or two of us at the most have that badge, and those are the ones that have been on since like 2012. It really isn't fair to have specific requirements to reach to earn a badge, and still not get it having worked so hard each day for them. We don't even get all of our tips. The point is I really don't want to be on Fiverr for much longer. None of us should have to fear our own jobs, we deserve security, and I just don't feel that with Fiverr.

My ultimate goal is to be here on my own platform, where I run things and don't have that fear hanging over my head of not having a job at the end of the day. Yesterday when I first got back in the office from my days off, I had a client on Fiverr who kept rejecting her readings. I had finished her first one by noon, and between that time and 10pm she had already rejected it over 20 times asking more questions. She said she will rate me bad if I didn't answer them. It is behavior like this that I must put up with, I have zero support from that platform. Now that it is Monday evening, and only my second day back in the office, I am sort of dreading the rest of the week. We all go through these phases with our jobs where we just don't enjoy them. It isn't that I don't enjoy helping people, because I do, yet there is a lot of stress that comes with it. There are several of my clients that I look forward to hearing from, we have become friends, and even though some have faded away, others haven't. Being a professional psychic is rewarding. Changing peoples lives, seeing them succeed, seeing them find true love, seeing their careers take off - it is all very exciting to me.

Well, now that I have unloaded on you, my point is that when we feel a change needs to be made in our lives, we should take the initiative to make it happen. Being uncomfortable at the end of the day is never worth it. Your family has to suffer. I know I have big changes to make, and yes, you will probably see my Fiverr account disappear within the next few months. I just can't continue to take that stress when my husband and I are fixing to bring a child into the world. I will always be here on RVP, this platform isn't going anywhere. Hopefully you can find inspiration in this too. If you feel a change needs made in your life, never be afraid to take it. Your happiness is the ultimate success, along with your families health. Do what is best for you, and know at the end of the day, you will always have that reward of knowing you tried.

Written by Demetri Welsh of the RVP Platform.

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