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Knowing when to take a break

Sometimes knowing when not to give up can be down right impossible. Let's face it, we all go through difficult times. We all meet difficult people. We are all put through circumstances that require us to make on the spot choices, yet how do we know what the right choice is? It's all about following our heart and knowing when to push through the tough times. It's also about learning to step away from whatever is causing the stress in your life. Learning to give yourself a break, and in today's article, I want to give you an example of how I just recently had to force myself to take time away from work just to avoid quitting altogether.

Two years ago in March of 2018 I launched the RVP Platform. I have given readings my whole life, but had retired from it for many years. You see, not everyone agrees with what I do. When some people are so trapped in their own head and aren't willing to see beyond it, the idea of giving psychic readings doesn't sit well with them. My husbands family is Christian, so naturally I am seen in some shade of evil but that's okay. Some of those people who called me names or judged me have asked me for readings in private so at the end of the day, it says a lot. Anyhow, I had quit giving readings around the time my husband and I got married. He was working as a CNA at a nursing home here in town, and I just helped around the house. It was when things started getting tight for us financially that I chose to start giving readings again, as a hobby, to help him out financially. I had known that eventually I would start up full time readings again, but at that point I knew it just wasn't time yet.

Regardless, my readings picked up very fast and instantly became a full time job. Many of my clients who met me those years ago are still in my life. We have become pretty close but I was warned by most of them to give myself a break because I was going to burn out. I was forcing myself to work 7 day weeks, usually 18 hours or more a day while still holding down a family life. It was one of the hardest things I've done and had I been single without a family to support, I would have quit a long time ago. It wasn't only dozens of readings per day on the Fiverr platform, but it's also like that here on RVP. So when I get up early and dive immediately into my work, and do so until 3 to 4 am a lot of the times, only to pick it back up a few hours later when I get up I become drained. So this continued on and on, while my long lost biological sister came back into my life, along with my brother - keeping it all up with only two hands was impossible. I was warned but I didn't listen. Last week it got to it's boiling point and my worst fear happened - I become completely burned out.

I know what some of you are thinking, if this is my passion and calling then how was I able to become burned out. I feel this can apply to any area of life. You can absolutely be thrilled about spaghetti. Hell, it's your favorite food but eat it all day everyday and you will get tired of it. So my choice was to quit altogether, or give myself significant time off. Many of my regular readers will know that I have issues with the Fiverr platform. I don't really agree with the things they allow to happen to sellers and the thing that really just pushed me over the edge causing me to take this week off is lately there have been clients on Fiverr that will be absolutely abusive, calling names, threatening my family, stalking me and for what? Because I am good at what I do but I don't hesitate to block someone when they are treating me unfairly. So when I block them, Fiverr allows them to create new accounts, order again, cancel their order for a free session - create a new account just to do it again. It's not right, but regardless I am ranked lower and lower each time this is allowed to happen. That is just one thing out of many and my husband told me to just take time off. More than the usual one or two days that I tend to take off when I'm having a bad day - he told me to take a week off.

This was a hard choice because while I was burned out, there are clients that really need my help - some of them come to me on a daily basis more than once, so this week is affecting them too. I wanted to write about it, because there is a lesson in this, and the lesson is just because you have the desire to help other people, know when to give yourself a break. Know that you are one person, and you need your rest. The mind is like any muscle, when it's stressed or tired - it will cause you to just not function the right way. Knowing when not to give up is important too. For example, if I would have allowed this to let me quit altogether, it would have showed that I gave up. That I let my weakness get the best of me. Taking time off has allowed me to refresh, to get over that stress and to recharge ready to come back swinging. Everyone goes through what I went through. Abusive people, pushing ourselves to the breaking point - and it's great to care about other people but don't let it kill you. I hope that makes sense, because you are worth living.

I finally took my husband and my clients advice - weird how that goes right? My clients giving me advice but the advice was to take a break. I did it, and now I will be able to be there more for those that rely on me.

When something or someone is flat out pushing you to your limits, and you start feeling like I was feeling - that you want to give up, take a break. Take yourself out of the problem, even if it is your job or relationship - whatever it is. Taking a break is better than quitting most of the time. You will know when it's healthiest to quit and that stems from knowing what is good for you and knowing what isn't. Abusive relationships, toxic jobs, toxic friendships - these things usually can't be fixed but like I said, you know yourself so if it's a break you are needing then take it. If it's a clean exit, then take that too. Your future is yours to decide but do it because you want to do it, not because it's being forced on you. You are more valuable than you give yourself credit for.

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