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Manifest your new year into a great one!

The end of the year has come so quickly - and with that comes our resolutions or goals for the following year. I admit - I have made so many of them over my life, and I didn't even get through January before giving up on them. Some of these resolutions were to get more in shape, to introduce new things into my diet and to allow myself more personal time. None of these things end up happening for long, and that is nobodies fault but my own. Since then, I have learned a nice little trick that anyone can use to not only get through January with your resolutions, but to also make them stick for good.

In previous posts I have talked about the law of attraction. It has a lot to do with this post as well with achieving your new years resolutions, and manifesting your entire year into an awesome one. I am going to give you the personal story about how I came into this little trick of mine, and how it really helped shape me into an upgraded version of who I was before.

I have never had an issue seeing my own future, along with those around me. It isn't something that I turn off - but it isn't like I am god either. I don't know the secrets of the universe, or everything happening on the planet. That is not the way my gift works. I have to know what I am connecting to in order to connect to it. Such as a name, location - anything to pinpoint what it is I am connecting to - and through that process I am able to get the answers to the questions I am being asked. Yet one of the things I have a hard time doing is remaining positive all the time. It is hard to remain positive in such a dark world. You can't even watch the news or get on the internet without seeing some insanely horrible story, graphic images, porn - it is all around us. On top of that, I help many clients per day, every day. They are all going through their personal issues, and in order to help them through it, I have to connect to their energy and by doing that I take their energy on as my own. So each one sticks with me so to speak - and until cleared out, I get weighed down by what seems like the weight of the world.

Naturally, positivity isn't always easy and I was sending out a negative vibe - my family even realized it. Things started going bad around me, and I know it was because my energy was manifesting negative things to happen. It was December 27th of 2017 and that is when I realized I had to handle myself better. Stop dragging that negative energy around with me. I had to learn to let it go, and I have talked in another post about energy cleansing and energy strengthening. Once I started doing that daily - my energy changed. This is why I could never follow through with a new years resolution. I wasn't positive enough, I didn't visualize these goals of mine coming into existence. So one night, I sat alone, turned on the quiet music I always love to listen to. I cleansed my energy with sage - and I closed my eyes. I already knew what it was I wanted to manifest for this new year coming up (2018). I wanted to get my house, car, truck and bills all paid off. On top of that, I wanted to maintain the peaceful energy that I had all the time.

I saw these things clearly in my mind as if they had already happened. I sent that energy out to the universe - and I did that every single day. I made it a part of my lifestyle, along with daily energy cleansing for myself. So, by May of the following year, my house was paid off, all vehicles and bills were paid off - and I have maintained that peaceful energy to this day. With the new year coming up, I have set my new resolutions, and am doing the same visualization as I did this past year. Seeing these things as if they already happened and remaining positive. Never giving up while sending that constant energy into the universe. I am proof that this really works, and my husband has used it in his own life for his resolutions, and they worked perfectly as well. He has achieved this past years resolutions as well using this technique of mine.

I promise if you do this as I have mentioned, never giving up - not only seeing these things happening but making honest efforts to achieve them, it will happen. I have seen it over and over again. The law of attraction is very real, and now you know how to use it to manifest yourself an amazing new year! You don't have to have a lot of money. You don't have to have fancy things. You don't have to have anything at all except yourself. You are much more powerful than you will ever realize, and you do create the world around you. Your own energy works stronger than any prayer, spell, enchantment or anything else. Do as I mentioned in this post - and see your life get better. It doesn't happen overnight. For me it took me six solid months of doing it each and every single day, staying positive - but look at what it did! It will work for you as well.

Manifest your year into an amazing one! You have what it takes. Share this post with your friends and family, so they too can live their best lives.

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